What the Houston Texans should do in the offseason



  1. Outside Linebacker
  2. Wide Reciever
  3. Cornerback
  4. Left Guard
  5. Right Tackle
  6. Punter
  7. Quarterback

                              ^not including picks from trades (if any)^


  1. Since we are going into a 3-4 defense, we NEED linebackers. We should have (in what i think is in order from left to right) Cushing, Sharpton, Ryans, aaaannnndd BLANK. We need a Cushing-like linebacker to fill this hole. Adibi, Diles, and Bentley are good BACK-UPS.
  2. Who else is tired of drops? We need to draft an Andre Johson-like WR in this round to back AJ up. Plus AJ can help develop the rookie.
  3. You ask why waste another draft pick on a rookie corner? Well, over the past few years, the 3rd round has paid huge dividends to us. It's our "lucky" pick. And we need corners.
  4. We need bigger lineman (we are the lightest in the NFL).
  5. Same reason as #4.
  6. Matt Turk sucked this year, we need a new punter, a young punter. Plus it could be like the Brown/Rackers competition. Turk might step up with his job on the line.
  7. Get rid/ trade Orlovsky, get a young QB with a little potential.


  • SIGN NNAMDI ASOMUGHA!!! Get rid off all corners except Allen, McCain, Jackson, and Quin. Depth chart for these corners: Asomugha, Quin/Jackson, Quin/ Jackson,Allen/Rookie, McCain/Allen.
  • WR depth chart: Johnson, Walter, Rookie, Jones, Anderson (get rid of every other EXISTING WR), sign one undrafted rookie WR.
  • HB: RESIGN FOSTER!! GET RID OF SLATON! Depth Chart: Foster, Ward, Tate.
  • QB:Schaub, Leinart, Rookie.
  • TE:Daniels,Dreessen,Casey,Graham.
  • DT: Okoye, then whoever else (it's 3-4 so i don't really care who else.)
  • DE: Williams, Smith, then whoever else.
  • LOLB: Cushing, Adibi
  • MLB: Ryans, Sharpton, Bentley
  • ROLB: Rookie, Diles
  • FS: Good free Agent, Wilson, Busing (if he's still on the team).
  • SS:Pollard, then whoever (undrafted rookie/ free agent.)
  • P: Rookie/Turk
  • K;Rackers
  • PR:Holliday


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