My plan for retooling the D

Everyone is weighing in, so here are my thoughts on what I would do with the upcoming draft/free agent process.

I'm working under the assumption that the draft will occur before the free agency period, but my would probably hold if it was reversed.

I'm only going to address the first three rounds because those are the only ones we can truly expect an immediate impact from.


Hardly groundbreaking.  The only thing people might take exception at is that I wouldn't draft a corner.  We saw first hand that it takes awhile to develop CBs.  McCourtys excluded (all the other corners in last years draft struggled).  

If we draft an impact LB, preferably outside like Von Miller (although ILB if best available as Cush could move outside), we would have one of the dominant LB corps in the league (when you add Barwin--Barwin, Cush, Meco, and a grade A prospect would be sick).

NT  Enough said.  Putting an impact NT between Mario and Antonio (who will be a better fit in as a 3-4 lineman since he was a 4-3 tweener) would also make for a formidable line.

FS We've been screaming for this for years.  I'm kind of excited from the quote from the press conference saying we might move our DBs around.  To me, that means Glover at FS is a real possibility.  Such a move would make CB a larger priority, but I still wouldn't bite in the draft.  I also would by no means be averse to them drafting a top three round safety and keeping GQ as he number two corner.


With my priorities in the draft and proclivities against drafting a corner, CB becomes the number one free agent priority.  But I wouldn't go after Nnamdi.  Now, I'm not saying I wouldn't be ecstatic if we somehow landed him.  But I don't think he's cost effective.  I think we'll see something more like a Haynesworth contract rather than what we've seen from other top corners.  I'm just not sure it's worth it.  It's not a matter of McNair being cheap but the realities of the salary cap.  Instead, I'd go hard after Champ.  The good news is that with Nnamdi in the mix, Champ slots down to the second most desirable corner and might get a more team friendly contract.  If you can't get Champ, there appear to be several other CBs that will be instant upgrades.


Even if you move Glover to safety, a CB situation with a top flight CB1 paired with a combination of KJ and Allen would be serviceable.  I'm as low on KJ as everyone else, but with a great CB next to him and GQ behind him, and with the added pass rush of the 3-4 and a perhaps dominant linebacking corp, he might look a lot better, especially in year two and with some coaching.


DT  If you can't get one in the draft, this also appears to be a free agent option.


That's it.  By no means comprehensive but just an idea of where I would lean.

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