Thanks Guys

I want to start out by saying that this isn't going to be a happy post, nor is it going to be a fun post to read. If you just wanted an analysis or a pat on the back or something of that ilk, you can safely navigate away from this post now. You will be thanked, but this post won't gladden your heart very much at all.

As some of you may know, the original site I started writing on back in the day was a home-made site called From Mom's Basement. It's a part of my signature in every comment I leave. I chose the title for two reasons: one was that it was a play on the blogger stereotype, the other is that I literally do live at my Mom's house, and have for most of my adult life. I started writing my charting takes up on the site, and Tim and company originally decided to bring me aboard last year around the turn of the new decade. Now the site functions more as a personal blog than anything else.

My dreams of sportswriting have constantly been stopping and starting as I've grown up. Some of this was regular teenage ambivalence, self-questioning, and that whole mess of emotions you go through when you're not sure about much in life. But ever since I was able to join the staff here, things were looking good. I got sent to the NFL's draft combine with credentials, I earned a job at SB Nation Houston and was promoted to managing editor in November. 

Things haven't been quite as good at home. My mother had a heart attack in January of 2009, and that required a stint to be put in. She went in on three other occasions in 2009, and after being relatively healthy in 2010, the hope was that she had turned a corner even despite the fact that she hadn't quit smoking yet. Around the turn of the new year, she had problems urinating normally, and blood had started to come out quite frequently. It turned out that she had bladder cancer. Obviously, this wasn't going to be a great scenario, but she had embraced the challenge. She was scheduled to have more of it removed on Monday.

Thursday morning, upon arriving home from a temporary job, she complained of dizziness. As much as I preached caution to her, she was always very stubborn about this sort of thing, and with the help of a friend of hers that is a nurse, we decided it would be alright to carry on as normal. Yesterday morning, I was awoken from an early morning nap by the sound of an ambulance. She was feeling even worse than she did Thursday, with pain behind her eye, fuzzy feelings on the right side of her body, and continued dizziness. It turned out to have been a stroke, caused by a clotting of the artery that runs up her neck. While the doctors worked as quickly as they could, the clotting began to spread. It took over her main artery. She lost consciousness around 11 A.M. Given the slim odds of her survival without help, the family voted to have her clots zapped even despite the risk of internal bleeding. The doctors were at it for four hours, but no matter how many they were able to get rid of, they couldn't get rid of the clot in the main artery that goes to the brain.

At around 1 AM last night, I received a call from the hospital that she was braindead. While we've opted to keep her on life support for now, the odds of her surviving this are very, very, low. "Hovering around 0%" would be the exact quote. 

Because I live here, rent-free, and my father has already passed away, this is going to lead to some massive changes in my life whether she is able to pull through or not. For one thing, the sports blogging money probably isn't going to be enough to cover even a meager cost of living. As the house that we lived in was owned by my grandfather, I'm not really sure what his wishes are going to be regarding everything. I could be subsidized for a time, or I may be forced to find a new place to live. I might be able to keep writing, or I might not. Everything is terrifyingly abstract right now, and after already seeing my worst nightmares come true last night, my head is running wild with negative possibilities right now. I'm still hoping for the best, but this scenario may wind up being a very big setback for my sportswriting career.

No matter what happens, I want to thank everyone who has voiced a positive comment or support of my work on this blog. I'm going to do everything I can to keep writing, even if it's in a reduced role. I have a long way to go in my development as an independent person, and while this scenario could have come around in an easier manner, I realize that it's definitely going to grow me up very fast. I'm going to take whatever opportunities I can to at least keep doing what I've been doing, if not possibly knocking things up a notch. Again, thank you for the opportunity and the support of my writing. Over the next couple of weeks, my contributions are going to be minimal.  I love this community and while I will gladly drink the bleach that comes with being a Texans fan, I will not be drinking the one that ends my writing career.

Rivers McCown

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