Saturday Night Tunes - Special Edition: The Best of 2010

Now that 2010 is at an end, and the cool thing to do is to make 2010 lists, I will shun such niceties to give you my "Top 5 Albums of 2010!"  It's different.  I don't know how.  Don't ask, just jump with me.

#5: King of the Beach by Wavves - I know my like of this band is due in part to my childhood, listening to my dad play the Beach Boys early and often.  It was an odd marriage, considering my dad grew up in Houston and the closest he got to a surfboard was while he was in the Navy.  Still, the beach sound resonates with me, and I instantly dug King of the Beach.

#4: The Lady Killer by Cee Lo Green - I know the song "F*** You" gets the most play-time by you kids, but I think just about every other cut is far superior.  It didn't hurt at all I'm a huge Gnarls Barkley fan, so transitioning to a solo Cee Lo was hardly rocket science (or moving to a 3-4).  Plus, I love funk, and if I don't include this, DisplacedTexan will cry.

#3: The ArchAndroid by Janelle Monae - Just an incredibly complex, beautiful piece of work.  You'll drive yourself crazy trying to pick out the influences in this, so just lay back and enjoy the beat filled with funk, soul, classical, and, at times, a loving touch of nerd.

#2: Grinderman 2 by Grinderman - What music won't you see on my list?  Arcade Fire, Beach House, The National, and Deerhunter, for example.  Personally, I just can't get beyond the high hipster-douchebag quotient in these bands.  Sure, they're fine if it's your thing, but it all sounds like Frank Bush-ian vanilla to me.

I need something more, I think it's called a beat, and Nick Cave is happy to oblige.

#1: Treats by Sleigh Bells - At some point in your life, it's just best to admit that something's got you by the balls.  After being married for 15 years, mine have been safely tucked away.  This makes it safe for me to admit that, yes, Treats is my favorite album in 2010.  It's cheap, it's childish, it's low-brow, it's the Coors Light of music.

Honorable Mention: Brothers by Black Keys, American Slang by The Gaslight Anthem, Budos Band III by Budos Band, Transference by Spoon, Strange Attractors by The Strange Attractors.

What are your faves from 2010?  And what have you been listening to lately?

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