Lovable Losers

This is what the Texans are, the FAIL Guys.  Fudge All Intelligent Life, because only a simple would think otherwise. Don't like being called a simple then learn to take an objective view. 

The Texans offense completely let the Defense down.  This is the second week in a row this has happend, there is no excuse for this.  What happend to the running game during the middle of the game, again? Who is doing the play calling, because who ever it is he is out smarting himself. 

When given a lead, and multiple stops by the Defense, what happend to the Potent Offense? It dissipated for a second straight week. Where were the bootlegs and the play actions? Oh, they disappeared with the running game. 

There wasn't just one play that defines this game, but multiple let downs. I wouldn't take Kareem Jackson in any type of trade, even the Derrek Mason deal.  

How about,  If Kareem Jackson steps on the field for your team we give you a 4th round pick, if not we will take on his salary anyway. In the dictionary next to the word Fail, should be a picture of Burnt Toast Jackson. 

I might be a bit premature in my analyst of this season, but If the Texans don't win next week. I believe the season is over, this season only has one goal. Win the Division make it to the playoffs.  Anything else is a lost season, and should be a lost HC. 

What you disagree? I don't see how they can manage better then an 8-8 year if they lose to the Titans next week.  

Kubiak experiment, this boat has been out of port for way to long.  As well as the Shaub experiment, he is only bested by his coach on who is less consistent.

 Who ok'd starting Burnt Toast Jackson, who ever it was should be given a hard evaluation. Any causal fan can tell you this guys sucks the chrome of the trailer hitch. 

As fans, ya'll told me you aren't  satisfied with how this team has preformed during its 10 year tenure. Am I wrong to complain about a team that has never satisfied any Houstonian, besides 19-10.

 Never beat the Jets, Ravens, Chargers in ten years,Pathetic. Are they the Aint's, or Cream Pop Bucs? No. Could they be, yes, especially if they keep this sub par coach along too much longer. 

What you don't like Kubiak being called a sub par coach, look at his record. Oh that isn't a good enough evaluation of what he has brought to this team. Then re watch the players faces on the sideline after the loss, no emotion, almost as if they were expecting the loss.

Are the Texans more completive roster wise since his arrivale, yes, are they any closer to the playoffs? I can't see how, unless the Texans do something they have never done before. Win games they are not suppose to, as well as win Games they are supposed to.  This seems like a foreign Idea. 

3-3 too early for anybody to ditch the team. Maybe a week early, however if they are 3-4 after next week, the season is over. W's against Jacksonville x2, Cleveland, Indy are the only possible W's I would forecast.

 Is this all just  malicious talk after another loss, maybe. Will I be sorry for my post, No, as a matter a fact I would expect more people upset. How long will you spend your time, and money on a " Lovable Loser ?"  

Not like time, and money grow on trees or anything. 

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