WTF? Pass the vodka, the bleach, and the razorblades....but not just yet.


Did that photo get your attention? it got mine.

It got me in trouble too.

Yes I have issues, my computer is not cooperating and it is stalling, freezing, and just not running right, it is frustrating beyond belief. Aside from having the extremely intoxicated landlord blabbering incoherent sexually oriented obsenities directed at the above photo, and my wife hitting me in the back of the head for putting it there to begin with. I think that my computer was trying to remind of the Texans season to date.

Breaking news: Drew Brees is human, he threw an interception, and lost a game, they should trade him for a 7th round pick.

Because the game is played by humans, there will be mistakes, inconsistencies, flaws, and injuries... and the Texans seem very human/too human this year. I have also noticed a few other teams having some issues as well, teams that have high expectations, just like we do. The Jets, Eagles, Falcons, and Cowboys (not that anyone other than cowboy fans expected anything more than what their record is) are all at or below .500, there is still a long way to go this season so anything is still possible.

I have noticed quite a lot of fans who are ready to pull the plug on this season, "fire Kubiak," "trade Schaub," "get another Wr," etc. etc. I understand, but I am not one of them, I have faith. It diminishes a little with each loss, but I still have it. Does anyone remember that guy Wade Phillips saying back in February that it would take a couple of years to get the defense ready to contend for a Superbowl? Somewhere between now and then some of us got higher expectations than we should have. This is not college football where a team has to win every game to win the championship, in fact if I recall correctly last years NFL champs barely made the playoffs with a 10-6 record. 

With all of the distractions gone now, the landlord stumbled home, the cats and dogs are eating, and the wife is glaring at me from behind not speaking, because I am ignoring her, (and the above photo), I am going to jump up and grab a beer, a cigarette, and then talk about various things including this weeks game against the Titans, see you on the other side.


This coming Sunday the Texans and the Titans will battle for 1st place within the AFC South, the Titans are 7-2 against the Texans in their house, but the Texans have won 3 of their last 4 against the division. With Kenny Britt and Andre Johnson both on the sidelines the rest of the respective offenses will have to step up. it should be a good game and hopefully no one else gets hurt.

Here is what I expect from Kubiak and the Texans offense:

Opening drive: the offence will mix it up nicely and score after a long sustained drive.

The rest of the half: they will score again and then revert to Konserviak, run run pass, very predictable with exception of an occasional rollout and screen, no creativity, nothing new.

Second half: Nothing much, if the defense can get a turnover they could score more points, but the Titans will adjust to what the offense is doing and as predictable as it is to begin with, it seems to only get worse after halftime.

Here is what I expect from Wade's defense:

First half: Sacks, fumbles, interceptions, 3 and outs.

Third quarter: pressure, sacks, Kareem getting burned, defense getting tired.

Fourth quarter: I'll need a new TV.

Of course I hope I'm wrong, but history keeps repeating itself, ie: Kubiak will almost always call a run up the middle on 3rd and 12 from inside his own 20, and unless they do something creative, maybe grow some testicals, I don't see anything changing on the offensive side of the ball.

What that means to me: The defense will have to win it.

I really really hate it when I write about 6 paragraphs and then with the slip of a hand across the mousepad it all vanishes like a fart in the wind, or Carson Palmer's career in Cinncinati.

Anyway, there is a lot of football still to play, and I forgot what I wrote, fml.

I think that we have seen the worst from the Texans this year, it should get better from here. I have reservations of course, that is a given having been a fan of Houston football teams since I was born. But but but... even though I should know better than to have any expectations, I still do. If it can snow in Houston, and the Astros can go to the World Series, (05) then I believe anything can happen.

A man from Houston died and went to hell, the Devil said; "I am going to make it miserable for you, 90 degrees and 90% humidity." The man laughed, "Awe hell, that's just like Houston in May." The Devil said, okay, "95 degrees and 95% humidity." The guy smiled and said, "Just like Houston in June." The devil began to get angry, "100 degrees and 100% humidity." The man laughed again, "Just like Houston in July!" The Devil got irate, threw his hands up and yelled, "20 degrees with ice and snow everywhere!" The man pumped his fist in the air and shouted, yahooooo! The Texans are going to the playoffs!" 

Having wriiten this 3 times so far I think I'm done with it. I had more to say bfi. I quit now before I have to write it again.

on to the comments. if anyone has anything to say please keep it respectable.

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