Keys for A Texans Playoff Run

Last week I stated that I would no longer be doing a Keys for a Texans Victory.

I would't dare lie, for this week is a special edition.  I also previously stated, that this week will be the " Biggest Game" for this Season's Texans. I still believe that a W this week will bring this team around, while the other will crush all spirits. As well as bringing out the pitchforks, and torches in full effect.  

As I would expect, most of the followers of this site have zero respect or admiration for this weeks opponent. In fact most would agree they have intercourse with family members, and blah blah.  Bleach Em.

So the last couple weeks, I have actually been busy doing my real job. This week my supervisor has left on a mini-vacation allowing me to roam the internet, mainly BRB and NFL rewind.

My goals were becoming repetitive and lacked good insight. Of course we need to protect Matt Shaub and win the turnover battle to have a chance at winning. As well as pressuring the QB, to create turnovers on the other side of the ball. These two aspects should be a weekly aspiration.

So after watching the previous two games over and over again. I would normally come up with what I would find to be important observations for a Texans victory during this week.  Instead this week will be more of a seasonal item.   

To this weeks topic of A Texans Playoff Run. We are almost half way threw the season, and have entered a critical stage in the season. Last season was a disaster, after starting off 4-2 the team went on to lose 4 straight and effectively kill their shot at the post season.   

Lets go to the Meat.


Beating the BESF's This will go a long way in soothing the finicky fans (My self Included) around town.  This will also put the team back on top of the division, with what should be considered a big road win. With out the services All Universe Andre Johnson, this team has shown struggles on offense. Getting the better of what has been a surprise Titans at there own home (Where they are 2-0) should be huge. 

The Return of The Great His Awesomeness, Andre Johnson, will help soothe the remaining mobsters that didn't get back on board after a W against the Titans. I hope he is able to return a week earlier then expected and compete against a very good Tampa Bay team. As Andre has shown, he is a beast when he returns home to Florida. With Andre, the offense is really allowed to open up. The screens, and under routes are more effective, as well as the running game. 

Healthy Players This is a key that is completely out of the control of anybody other then, Who did we decide to sacrifice to instead of Durga? Yet, let us continue to sacrifice whatever is necessary to keep it happy.  I mean we sacrificed Mario Williams for the year, IS THAT NOT ENOUGH?

Stringing together Dub Ya's This team has the potential to make a deep playoff run. The Offense can be very potent, and the Defense has shown they are a Top 10 D(Probably higher). If they can get a home playoff game at Reliant expect the roof to explode. The announcers will rave about what a home field advantage Houston has, and bla blah blah. With a schedule that has the opportunity to win multiple games in a row, I can only hope this is accomplished. 

Well I hope I have recouped a little dignity after my early week meltdowns. 

What are your opinions for the Texans making a playoff run?

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