How High

This was a Fan post I was working on after the Miami game. I have been waiting to Post this musing, now seems as good as any. 

I was doing work in a office building uptown. The building had a very unique training area. In this training area, were different seating areas separated by glass dividers hanging from the ceiling. Each seating area was distinctively nicer then the area before it. Walking down the Aisle from the elevator door had a very weird view.

As you come out of the elevator, there is one big corner office with elaborate furniture, big screen computer monitors, awesome winged backed leather swivel chairs.  And a two walled Window Corner that looked out over downtown, it was pretty spec.However, as you progressed down the "hall" the offices become less and less spectacular, until you got two the last two areas. Where the stairs were located.

In these last two divided areas were a folding table and 4 plastic chairs, the "nicer" of the two had black colored chairs, while the very last seating area where clear chairs. What made this last two offices special, was the glass ceiling above them.  So the employees that made their way from the elevator door past the executive offices, and past progressively "lesser" employee offices, all that way to their clear plastic chairs and glass ceiling.

Well whats the point of this story? If you follow the path from the elevator it is backwards. Yet if you start from the back of the room, and work your way forward it was quite clear the meaning of this area

You start with nothing, but what you can achieve is limitless.  

Is this a year that we see the executive offices, have we finally made our way through all the middle management 70 hour work weeks? Can the Texans ,we cheer for, break through the glass ceiling that has been labeled over its management and coaching staff?  Can we finally celebrate a better view?  

This last victory was a big one, I had previously labeled it Win or get Fired.  Even Uncle Bob got into the mix, with his step up comments.  I believe a Win like that could really pull this team together (No more injuries please), and push them for what we have all been expecting, deep playoff run.  

Typing out that last statement, made me think. What is considered a deep playoff push?  One Win, AFC Championship game, Super........    Gary Kubiak made one mistake this last week, he raised the bar of exceptions to a level that he will have to match each week. (Really it's a good thing) That is the team we have been expecting to see since Week 1, and will expect to see until the offseason. 

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