Taco Joe Plays Madden! Preview Jax @ HOU

So it has a been a few weeks since the last one. I was starting to miss it. The problem is madden updates rosters on Fridays and the past few weeks for me have been filled with weddings, surgery (on me and my car :(), but I am bringing it back this BATTLE RED weekend.

So follow after the Jump to get play by play action of me playing the Jacksonville Jaguars from my couch.

1st QT:

Texans win Toss choose to kick.

Kickoff by Rackers to Shorts returns it to the 21

1-10 JAX 21:Gabbert throws an Incomplete pass. 2-10: Sack by Connor Barwin loss of 7 yds. 3-17: Incomplete pass. 4-17: Punt returned by Jacoby Jones returned to the Jax 44 McCain called for clipping.

1-10 Hou 31: Foster runs for 4 yds. 2-6: Foster runs for 2 yds. 3-4: Foster screen loss of 4 yds. 4-8: Punt  returned to the 27

1-10 JAX 27: Maurice Jones-Drew runs for one tackled by Brian Cushing. 2-9: MJD loss of 2, Glover Quin and JJ Watt on the tackle. 3-11: Maurcede Lewis catch of 6 yds. 4-5: Punt returned by Jacoby Jones returned to the HOU 37

1-10 HOU 37: Foster runs for 5 yds. 2-5: Arian Foster on Draw no gain. 3-5: Interception by Rasheed MAthis

1-10 HOU 34: Catch by lewis for 12 yds tackle by DeMeco Ryans. 1-10 HOU 22: MJD loss of 3 tackle by Glover Quinn. 2-13: Pass Defended by Glover Quinn 3-13: Incomplete pass. 4-13: FG is GOOD.


2nd QT

Kickoff Returned by McManis to the 24 Vickers called for holding

1-10 HOU 11: Foster fumble recovered by Jax

1-G HOU 8: MJD loss of 1 tackle by Cushing. 2-G:  MJD loss of 4 Antonio Smith on the Tackle. 3-G: Incomplete pass. 4-G: FG is Good

Hou 0-6 Jax

Kickoff Returned by Jones to the 20

1-10 HOU 20: Screen for 4 yds. 2-6: Catch by Kevin Walters for 6 yds. 3-in: Foster for a gain of 2. 1-10 HOU 32: Foster runs for 1. 2-9: Catch by Andre Johnson for 9 yds. 1-10 HOU 43: Foster runs for 3. 2 MINUTE WARNING! 2-7: Foster runs for 6. 3-1: Andre Johnson Catch for 22 yds. 1-10 JAX 30: Foster for 4 yds. 2-6: J. Jones catch for 10 yds. 1-10 JAX 16: Kevin Walter TOUCHDOWN!!! PAT: GOOD


Kickoff Returned by Karim returns to the 22:

1-10 JAX 22: Gabbert runs for 9 yds tackled by Cushing. 2-1: Pass to J. Hill for 10 yds. 1-10 41: Gabbert Runs for 11 Yds tackled by Johnathan Joseph and Brian Cushing. 1-10 HOU 47: Catch by Thomas for 12 yds. 1-10 HOU 35: FG BLOCKED by Brice McCain END OF HALF


Kickoff Returned by McManis for 13 yds.

1-10 HOU 13: Foster 87 YD rush TD TEXANS! PAT GOOD

HOU 14-6 JAX

Kickoff Touchback

1-10 JAX 20: MJD rush for 7 tackled by Joseph. 2-3: MJD rush for 6 yds. 1-10 JAX 33: MJD rush for 39 yds. 1-10 HOU 28: Kareem Jackson Pass Defended (one day this will be true) 2-10: MJD run for 2 yds. 3-8: MJD no gain tackle by Cushing. 4-8: FG is Good.

HOU 14-9 JAX

Kickoff returned by McManis for 20 yds.

1-10 Hou20: Foster tackled for loss of 2. 2-12: False Start on Eric Winston. 2-17: Owen Daniels catch for 7 yds. 3-10: OD catch for 12 yds. 1-10 HOU 32: Incomplete pass. 2-10. Foster run for 2. 3-8: OWEN DANIELS 66yd reception FOR TD! PAT GOOD

HOU 21-9 JAX

Kickoff for Touchback

1-10 JAX 20: MJD run for 4 yds Tackle by D. Ryans. 2-6: Incomplete pass. 3-6: Gabber ran for 17 yds. 1-10 JAX 37: MJD for 4 yds tackle by Cushing. END OF QUARTER


2-6 Jax 41: Gabbert run for 11 yds. 1-10 HOU 48: MJD runs for 7 yds: 2-3: Sack by S. Cody for loss of 6 yds. 3-9: Shiloh Keo Pass defended. 4-9: punt for touchback.

1-10 HOU 20: Foster gain of 1. 2-9: Screen loss of 10. 3-19: Incomplete pass. 4-19: Punt returned to the 47 tackle by Vickers

1-10 JAX 47: Gabbert runs for 5. 2-5: pass to hill for 5 yds. 1-10: pass defended by K-jax. 2-10: Catch by shorts for 17 yds. 1-10 HOU 25: Gabbert rush for 16 yds. 1-G HOU 9: Interception by Kareem JAckson.

1-10 HOU 7: Foster gain of 1. 2-9: Foster stripped Mathis returns for TD. PAT GOOD

HOU 21-16 JAX

Kickoff returned by McManis for 23 yds.

1-10 HOU 23: Walter catch for 5 yds. 2-5: Incomplete pass. 3-5: J. Jones drops pass. 4-5 Punt returned to the 31 tackle by Jason Allen.

1-10 JAX 31: Incomplete pass. 2-10: Pass defended by Joseph. 3-10: Thomas catches for 48 yds. 1-10 HOU 11: 11 yd TD by M. Lewis. 2pt Conversion no good.

HOU 21-22 JAX

Kickoff returned for 22 yds

1-10 HOU 22: Pass to Walter for 20 yds. 1-10 HOU42: Pass to Owen Daniels for 8 yds. 2-2: Pass to Jones for 10 yds. 1-10 JAX 40: Pass to Foster for 16 yds. 1-10 JAX 24: Neil Rackers FG is GOOD GAME OVER!

Hou 24-22 Jax.

Well wow EFF ME I let a stupid td happen late in the game but hey at least I came back and got the game winning FG. till next time sports fans.

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