Keys To another Texans Dub-Ya

I have been doing my keys for a Texans Victory now 3 weeks. This week will be a very shortened Version. Sadly Acutal work is getting in the way of my real passion.   Following the Texans, as well as giving my totally unimportant observations. 

So for the quick version, No Jump Necessary.



  • Filling DRES Cleats This is an absolutely impossible task. To give a physical analogy this would be like an infant trying on Clown Shoes. The Texans have targets that give them the advantage Foster, Casey, Daniels. Targeting the LB's in the passing game will give the Texans Great Advantages.
  • Getting out to an Early Lead This might be more of a Team Goal, but I see this trend continuing for the 5th straight week. Jump out 7 and this allows the Running game to take effect, which opens up PA. Getting that Early score will open up the offense, and pin the ears of the Defense.
  • Running Game Run the ball, run the clock, run the Raiders right out of town. A solid running game only opens up the rest of the field. With out Andre they will be keying in on the Run. The sign of a good team. The opponent knows what is coming and can not stop it. 


  • Pressure Constant Pressure down the line containing a semi mobile QB will be very important. When ever the Front seven put the pressure on like that did last week, a W is always in scope.  Blitz and stunt and confuse Campbell in what will be a Rockin Reliant. He will turn the ball over.
  • Containing the Big Plays If Run DMC gets 100+ yards that is ok, As long as those yards come in short bunches. Keeping the 10+ yards per play down will keep the Raiders trailing.  Tackling and Swarming the ball will be important with the physical style of both runners. 
  • Take Aways Texans are having a great season, when you look at the turnover battle. They have effectively won this battle each week. Compared to Ole, this is The Dark Side of the Moon. The comparison has so much differential it is almost impossible to compare. 

As I said this week was kind of a bandaid, just to keep my predictions rolling. No funnies, not even the time to rewatch the previous weeks game footage. Next Week I will have to do a better job.


Houston 27- Oakland 16
To Much Wade Aid, It is really potent here at home.  

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