Leinart with the Cardnals vs Leinart with the Texans


We all know how Matt Leinart did with Arizona as a young inexpierenced QB. Because of this many of us expect Leinart to completely bomb and play horribly. But I implore you to look at these simple and basic facts.
Matt Leinart with Arizona was not only more immature and inexpeirenced (hottub anyone?) but he also had nowere near the team around him. The evidence? Here it is:

Matt Leinart while starting with the Arizona Cardinals:
Defense: Horrible
Running game: Horrible
O-line ranking: pretty Horible
WR difference maker - Larry Fitzgerald
While I know these arent "exact stats" they are pretty undeniable.
Take a leap over the Jump and fall in to the "truely" undeniabe stats that he now has with the Texans

Defense ranking:               #1
Running game ranking:   #2
O-Line ranking:                 (TOP 5, cant find specific overall stats, but its clear they are a unanimous top 5 line)
WR difference maker - Andre Johnson

Now those are undeniabe stats, while not exactly specific, but undeniably true, that clearly tells you the team around Matt Leinart is now MUCH better then they were before. And of course the stat which isnt measured is the QB coaching, which I think we can all agree is much better in Houson than in Arizona (thanks to the QB whisperer)

Now if you take a QB from a team that has a bad Defense, a bad supporting running game, a poor O-line, and poor QB coaching, and then place him on a team that has a great Defense, a great running game, a great O-line, and great QB coaching, there is only one way his progression can go, and that is UP.
Now I am not saying Leinart is going to be an instant solid starting QB, what I am saying is that he can, and should will be an improved version of himself from the Arizona days.
Put away your emergency stash of bleach, and grab a budweiser, its going to be a hell of a good  amazing ride from here on out.
Please express your good and bad, opinions of Matt #2 in the comments

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