The Future at QB

The Houston Texans have a team that is pretty set at every postion for the foreseeable future except one. Right now they are 8-3 leading the division by two games plus any tie breakers. They seem to be bound for hosting their first ever playoff game. Only an all out collapse, one that would equal the 93 Oilers melt  down, could keep this team from making into the post season. 

With this current team only one position has come into question. QB, and this has only happend because Matt Schaub has once again (3 out of 6 seasons he has missed 5 or more games) been injured. The way this team is currently  set up I believe they would have future picks for trade value.  Meaning I think the Texans should follow suit with the Falcons and trade up this year to select the number one pick Andrew Luck.


Yes, I have been known to be a finicky fan, yet I will not blow a Brett Favre trumpet nor do I plan on it. I might have tugged on the Fire Kubiak thread, but I know he is an excellent offensive mind and would hate to play against an offense under his control.  Wade Phillips is possible the greatest defensive mind ever ... EVER PERIOD

I am thinking there are a couple QB in this years class that could be Top 10 selections, and their are teams that have just recently taken QB's that will be in the early selections. Look at Minnesota, they have a QB taken early in the last draft and will have another high pick this year. Maybe possibly we could sneak into the Top 5 picks and steal one of these top graded QB's away from a team that would be targeting a QB. 

I know this seems very early and that I am abandoning ship, however I am still on board the 


I would trade up for three QB's in this years draft. RG3, Luck and Barkley. I don't believe in Landry Jones mostly because he plays for OU, but also because he was named after a Cowpies HC.  Out of those three RG3 comes with the biggest warning flag, as running QB's tend to get hurt more, and the only reason I am posting this because Schaub has been hurt.  TJ Yates showed some of his tangibles against the Kittens, he had good pocket presence and most importantly he didn't lose the game. 

I don't see TJ Yates being the QB of the future,  mostly because QB's taken that late in drafts haven't really panned out in the last twenty years. Granted high selected QB's aren't always sure to pan out either, yet they have much a better track record. Sure, I will hope that  we have found the next Tom Brady, however being a Texans fan I am not overly optimistic. Not after the Leinart episode, that pretty much sucked out the optimism for future half full situations. 

The Key is Schaub will be able to mentor a top round pick, when he returns next season, but how many seasons will Schaub have left at this caliber? 




Oh....on a side note I believe we as Texans fans have brought these injuries down on our selfs.

What do you mean Wreck? 

I mean by trying to switch from Durga to Cthulhu. By doing that, we have had to sacrifice players to both deity/demi gods.  So we must make the Choice between the two. This should be put to the people and settled before we must sacrifice any additional players or post season births.   

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