Taco Joe Plays Madden: Browns vs. Texans Preview

So here we are again another week, another game. This week another expansion team (no matter how much they dont want to admit it) that team from Cleveland is coming to town. The Browns are 2-5 coming into town with Chris OBGYN since Hillis is out, but for this game I am letting Hillis stay. 4QTs of mayhem in the City of Houston. Here we go, jumpity jump to see where we go....

Browns win and choose to receive.

1st QT

Kickoff returned to the 20, holding called

1-10 CLE 10: Watson reception for 4yds. 2-6: Sack by Brian Cushing loss of 2. 3-8: Cribbs catch for 12 yds. 1-10 CLE 23: McCoy run for 1yds. 1-10 CLE 38: Hillis run for one Tackle by Brooks Reed. 2-9: Incomplete pass. 3-9:  O. Marecic catch for 8 yds. 4-1: Punt returned by Jacoby Jones for no gain.

1-10 HOU 14: Foster for 2 yds. 2-8: Foster rushes for 17 yds, fumble on play returned by T. Ward for 24 yds. Challenged no fumble overturned. 1-10 HOU 33: Incomplete pass. 2-10: Arian Foster runs for 4 yds. 3-6: Jacoby Jones catch for 15 yds. 1-10: Cle 48: Foster run for 1 yd. END OF QT


2-9:  Foster screen for 1 yd. 3-8: Incomplete pass. 4-8:  punt for Touchback

1-10 CLE 20: E. Moor catch for 16 yds. 1-10 CLE 36: Connor Barwin Sack for a loss of 7. 2-17: Catch by cribbs for 7 yds. 3-10: Incomplete pass. 4-10: Punt returned by J. Jones for 6 yds.

1-10 HOU 37: Interception by Brown for a TD. PAT GOOD


Kickoff Returned for 17 yds.

1-10 HOU 19: Run by Foster for 7 yds. 2-3: Catch by Daniels for 3 yds. 3-in: Jacoby Jones catch for 8 yds. 1-10 HOU 37: Catch by Jones for 16 yds. 1-10 CLE 47: Run by Foster for 12 yds. 1-10 CLE 35: Sack for a loss of 10 yds. 2-20:  Interception by Brown. (WHO THE HELL IS THIS?)

1-10 CLE 20: Interception GLOVER QUINN!!!!!

1-10 CLE 49: Jacoby Jones catch for 13 yds fumbles recovered by CLE.

1-10 CLE 38: Incomplete pass. 2-10: Incomplete pass defended by Jason Allen. 3-10: Incomplete pass. 4-10: Punt returned by J. Jones. FAIR CATCH

1-10 HOU 32: Incomplete pass. 2-10: sack for a loss of 13. 3-23: Incomplete. 4-23: Punt returned by cribbs hit instantly by Jason Allen.

1-10 CLE 34: Incomplete END OF HALF


Kickoff Returned by McManis returned for 24 yds.

1-10 HOU 27:  False Start. 1-15: Foster no Gain. 2-15: Foster Screen for 10 yds. 3-5: Owen Daniels for 9 yds. 1-10 HOU 40: Owen Daniels with a 16 yd catch. 1-10 CLE 43: Foster for 2 yds. 2-8: Derrick Mason for 4 yds. 3-4: Foster catch for 3 yds. 4-1: James Casey 24 yd catch and run. 1-10 CLE 10: ANDRE JOHNSON 10 YD TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!! PAT Good


Kickoff returned touchback

1-10 CLE 20: Hillis runs for 12 yds. 1-10 CLE 32: Hillis runs for 10 yds Tackle by Troy Nolan. 1-10 CLE 42: Peyton Hillis for 1 yd. 2-9: Hillis for 1 yd Tackle by Demeco Ryans END of QT

4th QT

3-8:  Incomplete pass. 4-8 Punt returned by J. Jones for 3 yds. 

1-10 HOU 23: Sack by J. Mitchell loss of 6. 2-16: Owen daniels catch for 7 yds. 3-9: Arian foster catch for 21 yds. 1-10 HOU 45: OWEN DANIELS CATCH FOR A 55yd TD!!!! PAT GOOD!

HOU 14-7 CLE

Kickoff returned for 21 yds by Josh Cribbs.

1-10 CLE 21: Mohamed Massaquoi on an end around for 3 yds tackled by Barwin. 2-7: Glover Quin drops the interception. 3-7: Colt runs for 1 yd Tackle by Brian Cushing. 4-6: Punt returned by Jones for no gain.

1-10 HOU 39: Foster runs for 7 yds. 2-3: Foster for 3 yds. 3-in: Foster for 5 yds. 1-10 CLE 46: Interception by D Jackson for 8 yds return.

1-10 CLE 33: Pass deflected by Allen. 2-10: Incomplete pass. 3-10: Catch by Moore for 9 yds. 4-1: Catch by Cribbs for 5 yds. 1-10 on 50: Pass to B. Watson for 11 yds. 1-10 HOU 39: Interception by Glover Quin in the endzone for a touchback.

1-10 HOU 20: Run by Foster for 1 yd loss. 2-11: Kneel. 3-12 Kneel 4-14 Time runs out. GAME OVER

HOU 14- 7 CLE

So there you have it Glover Quin was the player of the Game. OD showed up the entire Browns D. Sheldon Brown was Cleveland's PoG. 

So if we use our TEs and Casey out of the backfield, I see us taking this game in a Defensive domination. Joe Haden did nothing and was blown up by Andre. Texans advance to 6-3!!!! see you guys next week in another edition of TACO JOE PLAYS MADDEN!

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