What do to in Week 17

What a Game TJ Yates, WOW. Texans on the road with a 4th quarter comeback. WOW

RG3, said it best "Unbelievably Believable"

Not living in Houston, getting coverage was very minumial minus this site. Posting the tweets from the players, and the crowd awaiting them back at Reliant. Awesome Thanks everybody who contributed.

What a day that is truly only descried as a Texans Victory, what does that mean?

Well it means it is a victory shroud in half full realism, pessimism, and optimism. One we are most definitely the Winners of the AFC South Division, and will host a playoff game. That is for real. Also, realistically we are led by a (Starting) rookie quarterback, who might be venerable to some playoff conditions outside of Houston(Balitmore, or NE in January(Never nice)). Reasons to be pessimistic they are, they are the same reasons to be optimistic. Mainly because he has shown great qualities that not all of the other starting NFL quarterbacks have shown. TJ Yates is the Ricky Henderson of the 2011 Draft basically, get on the bandwagon while there is still room... who am I kidding have you seen how big the bandwagon is?

< Insert your appropriate Image of a Bandwagon>

Where was I, Champions. Check, What do do once we are champions....

Yes this is the best part of the whole thing not worrying, biggest tailgate of the year, playoffs, TJ Yates Baby, plane tickets are cheaper in January then December. The last one will most definitely be negated by playoff ticket prices(if those are possible), if not then I will sneak on to someones RV and Join the Festivities.

Reliant is so fun, I have not seen the Texans lose (Granted that is only 5 visits) and I would love to test my luck in the playoffs. Week 17 however is a funny week, What do to? should we be hypocritical and protect our more delicate starters. *Cough* Bengals and Colts of 09 season. *Cough*

So as to what to do during week 17, one thing is for certain.

This is the week Bob should hoist the Division Champions banner up in front of Evil and his minons

By Week 17 if New England or Baltimore haven't lost then perhaps even throw out Jake Delhomme, Glacier, any and all special teamers and back ups. . Saving any Injury to Yates the rest of the starters.

I think there would be little sweeter then ending the Season hoisting the AFC South Divisional champions banner in front of Bud Adams. Glrorious it sounds while I think it and type it.

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