How Ya' Like Me NOW - Gary Kubiak Edition

Much was said AT LENGTH about how slowly the Texans were improving through Gary Kubiak's first few years here.

So, I thought it might be fun to do a quick review of the list of other coaches that took over teams in 2006 and how that turned out.

The Bad News:

  • Buffalo Bills - Dick Jauron

    It's Buffalo; who knows? Frostbite?
  • Detroit Lions - Rod Marinelli (Rookie)

    The brilliance that was Matt Millen struck again.
  • Kansas City Chiefs - Herm Edwards

    I like Herm Edwards but alas, Kansas City did not.
  • Minnesota Vikings - Brad Childress (Rookie)

    Foolish enough to take Green Bay retreads (eventually... but only after "F"-word had gone to New York and trashed Eric Mangini's hopes and dreams and ... /throws up in mouth a little)
  • New York Jets - Eric Mangini(Rookie)

    Foolish enough to be the FIRST recipient of Green Bay retreads. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy... except Beelzebud or Satan.
  • Oakland Raiders - Art Shell

    Poor Art... Round Two at the funny farm.
  • St. Louis Rams - Scott Linehan (Rookie)

    Meh... 11-25... OC for Detroit now.

Now, the good news (coaches that appear to have "worked out"):

  • Green Bay Packers - Mike McCarthy (Rookie)

    A bit of a rocky start, what with having to chase the "F"-word out of town with a broom and direct the related soap opera there for a few months. But after dealing with a ton of injuries last year on the way to winning the SuperBowl and perfection so far this year, I think his job is safe for another couple of weeks anyway.
  • Houston Texans - Gary Kubiak (Rookie)

    This week's 20-19 win over the Cincinnati Bengals earned the Texans their first playoff appearance and tellingly put Coach Kubiak over .500 for the first time in his head coaching career.
  • New Orleans Saints - Sean Payton (Rookie)

    Yeah, this one seems to have worked out pretty well too in the form of the Saints first ever SuperBowl win and a consistently competitive football team.

So let's see... All three were rookie head coaches in 2006 and two of the three have SuperBowl rings... interesting...

There are no guarantees. But I think that our ownership and our coaches are trying to build a consistently competitive organization for us to support. I've done my time on the Texans roller-coaster... It would be nice to enjoy a few years of consistently winning.

Here's to hoping that Clorox jokes become quaint memories of the distant past.


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