Kubiak Konundrum -- Indianapolis Colts Edition, Game 2

Last week’s installment of the Kubiak Konundrum was abbreviated because I had to leave town before re-watching the Carolina game. Alas, in my hurry to leave town, I also forgot to dvr the Colts game. It might seem like I’ve been mailing it in these last two weeks, but that’s not the case. I wanted to rewatch the games in preparation for the weekly installment of the Kubiak Konundrum, but I just got sidetracked with the holidays and didn't take care of the business at hand. So, much like the Texans, I don’t think it was a lack of commitment or effort but a clear loss of focus.

But, much like our team, there is no excuse. I can only make do with what I have and pay my penance, which was having to rewatch the Panthers game and scroll through the Colts game threads looking for possible decisions to evaluate. All in the same day. My heart hurts. I'll do better this week, and let’s hope Kubiak's boys do the same.

1=terrible call, 2=negative, 3=neutral, 4=positive, and 5=outstanding

Carolina Panthers Game

In my truncated post, I noted MDC's questioning of Kubiak's decision to kick a field goal on third and eight down 21-3 with just over five minutes left in the 3rd quarter. I left the call to a vote, and it seems most people agreed it was at the very least not a bad call. While 41% thought the decision was a 4, there were enough people who thought it was a 3 or below for me to downgrade it to a neutral 3. Honestly, I don't think it was much of a decision either way, so a 3 seems to fit.

No one had comments on other questionable decisions, and I didn't see any upon finally getting to rewatch the game, so I'll leave the Panthers game to that one decision.

Indianapolis Colts Game

As I said, I searched high and low to find a way to rewatch the game. I decided against paying for the game rewind just for one week and instead scoured the game threads. I should have paid the $24.99. That wasn't fun.

Most of the vitriol from the threads was rightfully spewing at the refs. There was also plenty of hatred towards the reigns put on Weejay, with which I mostly agree. I'd rather see him try and fail a more aggressive game plan now than in the playoffs. However, I do wonder how much of that was the plays called and how much was TJ not finding anything downfield with Andre out and OD hurting. Either way, playcall isn't really something at which we've been looking in the Konundrum.

The only game management decision I saw questioned came late in the game, but as always hit the comments up if you saw something else to be discussed.

4Q. 4:58 left. Up 13-12. Ball on Colts 13. 4th and 2.
Many people on the thread were urging Kubiak to go for the first down. Honestly, the thought never crossed my BRBPalooza infested brain. Being that the Colts hadn't scored a touchdown all game, a four point lead seemed safe. The results were mixed as Rackers made the field goal, but the defense gave up the game. The referees involvement in the final drive certainly tempers any criticism I might have. Still, I don't even think it was a decision. Some of you do though, so we'll let the poll decide.

Colts Game:

1 play: TBD

Season Totals:

1: 1 play
2: 7 plays
3: 13 plays
4: 11 plays
5: 2 plays

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