Keys for a Texans Dub-Ya... Division Champions Edition

As kindly pointed out by TexansDC, a Texans Victory against the Cincinnati Bengals this upcoming weekend will all but seal the deal for a first Division Championship. Eat that Jacksonville, as if to talk shit to their 4 fans still... I mean the New Orleans Saints in the Super dome is a tall order for any team let alone the Inventors of Incest. Not to mention, the Master of Disaster still coming up on the schedule, with the Viewing Party and what-not, will be Icing on the cake. <----That doesn't seem to mean what It use to. For those who decided to click the Icing link, Sorry.

Ahhh, better.

Alright, enough with the shameless tagging, on the main subject.

The Houston Texans have this weekend THEIR BIGGEST GAME EVER, again.

What is it the Texans need to do this week on the road to ensure their half of Winning the Division Title is done. Cincinnati really showed promise of an up and coming team early this season, a defense that has been rated in the Top 10 all season, a really killer rookie combination of AJ Green and Andy Dalton, and a Drunken fool solid running back in Cedric Benson. Starting out 6-2, they have really had a rough couple of games against their division rivals. Giving Houston a great opportunity to catch a team that might not be playing their best ball.

Offensive Onslaught

  • Running Game.

If Slaughtering is the mantra then that must include the Texans run game, which has been much more Arain and less Tate. Tate was utilized perfectly in the game against the Falcons by using his lightning quick acceleration to get the corners and barrel up running lanes. But it has been Foster who has handled the majority of carries and pass attempts, our reliance on him surely suggest a large payday upcoming. Our reliance on the running game really opens up the passing game, which in turn further fuels the running game; It is a perfect circle that Kubiak has created in Houston.

  • Offensive line play.

These postions along the line of scrimmage win and lose games, stupid penalties, or blown protections are the easiest ways to eliminate scoring drives, and cause turnovers. The offensive line play this year has been on the upward side of an A grade. They have done a good job of keeping who ever has played QB reasonably clean, and on his feet. With all on board the TJ Yates bandwagon, the main goal from this point forward should be protection. There is no way this team could afford to lose yet another QB. Keeping the Bengals away from TJ Yates will be a important task this weekend.

Side key, as Tight ends are somewhat part of the line, and receiving corps they will play a huge part in this weekends game, with Johnson out for most likely the remainder of the season Dreessen and Daniels will share the majority of targets.

  • Next Man Up

Again this has been the mentality for the season, and again the all world Andre Johnson will need his back up Jacoby Jones to continue his solid season. While he filled in admiraly earlier in the season, he will have to do it once more now. With the recent injuries to the Bengals secondary, this is a senario Yates could air it out early and attempt to ride the Defense and an early score to the bank. TJ being a Next man himself will need to continue his development as the starter. His timing with receivers will be essential if we are to not only win the division but ultimately win a playoff game. Brett Hartmen is a big loss, and hopefully we can sign a decent punter.

Bulls On Parade

  • Pressure

Lighting a fire under opposing QB's tails is a great way to win games. Reed, Barwin, Cushing, Ryans, all are playing pro bowl caliber seasons. JJ Watt is having a tremendous season as well, and hell even our wanna be NT combo haven't had a negative during this six game streak. Keeping the energy in these last 4 games will be crucial, with the Titans still winning I believe that should be all the motivation they need.

  • Stupid Plays

And by this I mean, pentalies that keep drives alive. Two such examples in the Atlanta game come to mind, the Brice McCain defensive holding pentalty that wipes away Barwinnings sack, and Watts recovery on the Atlanta 15. Also, the Antonio Smith blow to the head on 3rd and 20, or someshit. This defense is so good, and so well run that only when they beat themselves will they lose. This years defense has been terrific against the homerun plays, there has been very little 50+ yard gains against the new and improved secondary.

  • The Slaughter House

Man was Reliant Rocking, it has been Dubbed The Slaughter House and wear that name proud Houston. This is where opponents come to lose their head.


All in all, this team already displays their game plan for a successful game. Run the ball, control the clock, and get after the quarterback. This years Texans have been excellent in scoring points early and holding leads late, while they might be some nail biting moments in the near future any W is worthy of celebration.

Expectations have risen again after watching the TJ Yates coming out party, he was everything the team and peers labeled him to be; Cool, Calm, Poised, and definitely not too little for his cleats. I would love to wake up next monday after a saturday boarding on the mountain, and a sunday in front of my computer (wearing my Williams jersey) knowing that the Texans have won their first ever Division Championship and will be hosting a playoff game.


I might be riding high, but It feels so good.

Houston 24 Cincinnati 16

Loads of FGs for the home team along with a late score, but the crowd will be out of it by the middle of the 3rd.

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