I think this may be my best mock yet

Ok here is a mock that I just made I tried to put a lot of thought into it and visited all the SB sites to gain info on what the team needs are of each team.  So here is what I came up with.  This will most likely not be how the draft turns out because it cannot account for trades but if the there were none this is how I think it could turn out. *Note some of these may seem like reaches but I believe that in the long run they will benefit the clubs if the prospect pans out (doesn't just bust all over the place AKA Ryan Leaf). More after the Jump

1. Carolina Panthers – Blaine Gabbert – Missouri QB - Some fans are clamoring for Newton because of his potential, some for Dareus to fill a need, or even Peterson because he is the "safest player in the draft".  A new coach in Ron Rivera however opts not to take a flyer on Newton but still wants a chance to get a franchise QB because Clausen seems to have worn out his welcome after just one horrible season.  Gabbert has his flaws but the closer the draft gets the more people want to put him the same category as a "Matt Ryan" or "Sam Bradford".  The Panthers defense is better than most people think with the exception of stopping the run so a quick turnaround like the Rams last year is not out of the question. He has great work ethic and will be the pick.

2. Denver BroncosMarcel Dareus – Alabama DT After finally getting a stage to show himself off at the Combine, he’s got the fastest rising stock of any prospect. He’s got a great DT lower body which projects to playing anything from the 0-tech to the 3-tech. He even has good enough hands to where he could slide out to the 5-tech and grapple with tackles. He looks the part and now has shown he’s an athletic specimen too. Some say he has better tape than Fairley, so I can’t see him escaping the top 8 in this draft. John Fox would love to build through the trenches as he has seen what a dominate D Lineman can do for a team.

3. Buffalo Bills Cam NewtonAuburn QB Some may say that Ryan Fitzpatrick did fine last year and deserves a chance to start at the QB position for at least one more year.  To those people I suggest that you read This. Here is a highlight

In the 13 games in which Ryan Fitzpatrick was the QB, the Bills averaged 18.3 points per game.  Compared to what teams did over the course of the entire season, that would have been the 26th best offensive production in the league.In Fitz's 13 games, the defense gave up 24.8 points per game.  That would have been 25th in the NFL.

 Cam's body type would fit perfect with the Buffalo area and Chan loves a mobile QB.  The bills would love to get their hands on him and be able to mold him and even sit him for a year behind Fitz which would satisfy both parties if Fitz plays great it gives Cam an extra year to learn if not then you have your QB to grow with and compete in that tough division.

4. Cincinnati Bengals – D’Quan Bowers – Clemson DEBowers is exactly what the Bengals need in their 4-3 scheme. He’s stout most importantly. He sets an edge and collapses the pocket into runs. In the AFC North, you HAVE to have defensive ends that can be stout versus the run. But also he has some pass rush skills that will keep him on the field for all 3 downs. He needs to develop more in this area, and he might even end up moving inside on 3rd downs (he did this at Clemson) in order to capitalize on his bull-rush ability. Cincy already has one end spot locked up with how Dunlap came on late last season now they can have bookends like the Colts for the next 10 years.

5. Arizona Cardinals  – Von Miller – Texas A&M OLB Arizona needs a QB unless they believe that Skelton is the answer.  But since the top two QBs are already off the board they elect to go defense and increase their pass rush. Joey porter isn't getting any younger and they need to get heat on the QB in order to be able to get back to the playoffs.  Patrick Peterson is a consideration here but Corners can be taken out of the game easier than a Dominate LB.  Miller has drawn comparisons to Demarcus Ware which should have Cardinal fans salivating.  Ken coming from the Steelers knows the value of having great LBs and will jump to add one with this much upside. 

6. Cleveland Browns – A.J. Green – Georgia WR  Even though there have been rumblings about the Browns taking a QB with their pick that seems like an obvious smokescreen to draw out some of the dysfunctional organizations.  The browns will give Colt at least another year to prove he is the guy but in order to do so he needs some more weapons.  Massaquoi is a solid number 2 but they need a number 1.  They are switching to a new defense but the top DT and DE are off the board so they pick Green.  Not a bad consolation prize.

7. San Francisco 49ers – Patrick Peterson – LSU CB   There’s a good chance they’ll be cutting Nate Clements so need meets big-time value for the Niners.The 49ers may be thinking of taking a QB but they are off the board as well as miller so they choose to take a flyer on "the safest pick in the draft".  Not many corners come along with his size and speed along with ballhawking and ability to score from anywhere on the field.  The Niners should run up to the stage to turn in this card.

8. Tennessee Titans – Nick Fairley – Auburn DT I don’t quite understand the criticism of Fairley’s newfound Combine size (6’4″ 291) given that Gerald McCoy, last year’s #3 pick, measured nearly the same way. There are questions about his motor but the value here is worth it.  He could be an essential building piece to a Titans defense that needs to shut down Jacksonville and Houston's dominant rushing attack and Indy's dominant passing attack. Fairley can collapse the middle of an offense and does it with a little bit of nasty too. He’s a safe pick with limitless upside because he’s dominated with basically no technique. It’s scary to think of what he could be like if he learns to use his hands

9. Dallas Cowboys – JJ Watt – Wisconsin DE  Some may see this as a reach but it fits the needs of the boys to a T.  Marcus Spears is a free agent and the other DE were less than inspiring last year.  Watt is the prototypical 3-4 end in this draft with great size (6'5 290) Jerry has never taken an offensive lineman in the first round and I don't think he will start in the year that there is no clear cut number one in most people's eyes.  Some may want secondary help but Jenkins is still the same corner who made the prow bowl looking like one of the rising stars in the league but he lost his confidence.  Rob Ryan can get it back and Terrance Newman can hold it down for one more year.  

10. Washington Redskins Tyron Smith – USC OT Some may mock Julio Jones here but WR is NOT the Skins biggest need.  With both of the QB's off of the board and the others looking like reaches this high up they could elect to trade down or if they can't continue what they started last year; building the trenches.  They have no right tackle under center right now which is the position that Smith plays he also ran a zone blocking scheme at USC.  He has immense potential and if Trent doesn't work out at LT or gets injured again he can flip sides.  Even though it hurts to get nothing in return for Brown if something doesn't work you move on rather than keep trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole.

11. Houston Texans – Robert Quinn – North Carolina DE Houston is switching to a 3-4 defense this year and will need a rush LB.  Even though their secondary was horrendous last year they were also very young and deserve at least another year to try to see if they can develop (they were just rookies and second year players after all) they elect to build the front seven and reek havoc on opposing QBs such as Payton in their division.  Houston also needs another Nose tackle in case theirs doesn't pan out but none match the value here.  Aldon Smith was a consideration here but he is best suited to be a pure DE not stand up and play OLB so they choose to go with maybe the best pure pass rusher in this draft.

12. Minnesota Vikings – Anthony Castonzo  – Boston  OTThe vikings need a QB but the Locker and Mallet look like reaches here and there is still no word on if Rice will leave.  The defensive line could use another DT but none are worth the pick and we don't know if Ray Edwards will leave.  So they decide to address another huge hole on the team.  Even though the OG/C positions are of bigger need they don't fit the value here.  The vikings get to pick up the the number one rated tack on Mayock's board and have him as a book end for the next 10 years.

13. Detroit LionsPrince Amukamara – Nebraska CB - With this pick the Lions get the player that many of their fans thought was impossible after his stellar combine but corners do tend to fall and he would be a day one starter who is the BPA and fills a need. Prince came from a similar attacking-style 4-3 defense at Nebraska where he was left on an island to cover man-to-man against the Big 12′s best receivers. He’s a great fit here and will have his plate full with receivers like Greg Jennings, Percy Harvin, and Johnny Knox in the NFC North.

14. St. Louis Rams – Julio Jones – Alabama WR - Like the Lions, the Rams will be ecstatic if things unfold this way. Julio went to the Combine and blew it up on a broken foot, and left some thinking he might’ve overtaken A.J. Green as the top receiver in this draft. I don’t imagine the broken foot holding him back, safety has become a need with the departure O.J. Atogwe but the best safety is just a second round value so they get Sam Bradford a number one receiver.

15. Miami Dolphins – Mark Ingram – Alabama RBEven though this is a pick that many people have had slotted here since the beginning its because it may be the best pick for Miami.  They could lose both of their running backs and their running game just wasn't as dominate as it has been.  Their defense was top ten and should be even better with a second year in the system and more experience from the players.  Ingram has drawn comparisons to Emmit Smith and could give the phins a huge boost in the running game.  Even though they want a QB Chad Henne can hold down the spot for one more year.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars Christian Ponder –  FSU QB Even though the Jags need help getting to the passer even more than that they need a PASSER.  David Garrard has always been a stop gap type of QB and now its time to move on.  Even though most people think that Ponder will be available in the second the likeness of that happen decrease everyday.  The jags and their fans really like Ponder and with with him scoring high on the wonderlic and having a good off season his stock is rising.  His injury history (if you can call it that) may be over and is arm strength looks to be back to 2009 form.  Some people have him graded higher than Locker or Mallet so that would justify him going this high.

17. New England Patriots (from Oakland Raiders) – Cameron Jordan – California DE I fully expect the Patriots to manipulate the draft and trade multiple times, so plugging a player in here is simply a mock draft formality. I could see the Pats finding a way to get Cam Jordan, as he’d be a great fit on their 3-4 defensive line. The Patriots could use an upgrade in youth and athleticism on their defensive line, as players like Ty Warren and Mike Wright can’t stay healthy, and players like Marcus Stroud and Gerard Warren are older and stiffer. Cam can 1-gap or 2-gap and can hold up against stronger lineman.

18. San Diego Chargers – Muhammad Wilkerson – Temple DE This may seem a little high for Wilkerson but he too is a prototypical end for the 3-4.  San Diego will be able to use him to help them stop the run against AFC West rive Oakland. Wilkerson’s best trait on tape is that he’s always around the ball. He’s active and for his size, he covers a lot of ground. He played defensive end in Temple’s 3-4 packages and slid inside in 4-man fronts.  

19. New York GiantsMike Pouncey – Florida C/G - I expect the Giants to take the best player available like they always do on draft day. The Giants were the most successful when they had a good running game and great offensive line.  That offensive line success started in the middle with Shaun O'Hara.  Recent struggles with injures and age have limited O'Hara's playing time and abilities.  Pouncey can come in and learn behind O'Hara and also be insurance in case of injuries.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Aldon Smith – Missouri DE – Aldon is a freakish athlete, he’s strong, has long arms, plays the run as well as the pass and seems to have great football instincts. This guy has been shooting up draft boards as people get a chance to take a second look at him and has been projected to go as high as 10.  Some of the 3-4 teams will take a look for him to be their OLB but he is best suited to be a rushing DE and the that matches up perfectly with the needs of the bucs.  He would be a steal if he is taken this low. The Bucs need a franchise defensive end and Quinn could be that guy.

21. Kansas City Chiefs – Phil Taylor – Baylor DT  Phil Taylor is a controversial prospect because he transferred from Penn State after getting kicked off the team. He didn’t play on a good defense at Baylor and doesn’t have great college production. His tools are very rare, however, and he’s a legit nose tackle prospect. The combination of size and quickness, with pretty good hands get him in 1st round discussion. The Chiefs need a nose tackle and Pioli has drafted one in the 1st round before in Vince Wilfork. Pioli knows the importance of filling that position with a special player if the opportunity is there. Some may project an OLB to partner with Hali but NT is the bigger need.

22. Indianapolis Colts – Nate Solder – Colorado OT The colts have needs at Strong Safety, DT, CB, and OL.  OL takes precedent because it is responsible for protecting the franchise Payton Manning.  The offensive line in Indy has been horrible for years but Payton has been able to mask it with his quick reads and delivery.  Injuries ravished this team last year to the point where they were ready to put a FB on the O-Line in the middle of a game.  Solder has huge upside and can come in and protect payton.

23. Philadelphia Eagles – Gabe Carimi - Wisconsin OT After seeing Vick’s play drop off substantially when the Eagles couldn’t pass protect in the playoffs, I fully expect Andy Reid to once and for all plug up the right tackle spot with Carimi. Winston Justice was replaced mid-game in the playoffs and should probably never see the field again because he constantly gets beat. The Eagles have an explosive offense and should be looking to add to their defense, but they simply can’t ignore the right tackle problem with Vick being a lefty. Corner is a need but you build through the trenches first.

24. New Orleans Saints – Ryan Kerrigan – Purdue DE The Saints pick for need in the 1st round, so going off that I expect them to add a pass rusher.  He shocked a lot of people by testing very well at the Combine. He posted one of the best 10-yard splits, which shows he has burst off the line in the same caliber as the best pass rushers in this draft. So does that make him a great athlete? No. But in a lot of ways I don’t think that’s that important. Jared Allen isn’t a great athlete, but he has a motor and a knack for pass rushing, which is what Kerrigan has too. The Saints often had to overcompensate for their lack of speed rush on the edges by blitzing and it cost them. Houston could be a 3rd down pass rushing specialist right away.He is a bit undersized to play defensive end in a 4-3 but his pass rushing skills make it worth the gamble.

25. Seattle Seahawks – Corey Liuget – Illinois DT Liuget is a force and it doesn’t take a genius to notice it when watching Illinois’ defense. He’s disruptive and never cleanly blocked no matter where he lines up. He’s a great fit for the Seahawks’ defense as a penetrating 3-technqiue in their cover 2 scheme. The Seahawks proved to have more than adequate speed rush when Chris Clemons and Raheem Brock were on the field. They could add some push to the middle now with Liuget.

26. Baltimore Ravens – Justin Houston – Georgia DE/OLB A lot of people like to mock a corner or receiver here to the Ravens but they need another pass rusher. Houston could be a clone of Terrel Suggs which would be a nightmare for the other teams in the division.  Most of the corners on the team are free agents but expected to resign they were also on of the better teams in the league against the pass and their best corner didn't play last year, and good WR talent can be found late in the draft.  Houston can come in right away and provide a pass rush as a tweener type just like Suggs.

27. Atlanta Falcons – Torrey Smith – Maryland WR Some say he’s exclusively a vertical threat, but thats exactly what the falcons need.  Roddy White was great last year but there wasn't much of a compliment to him other than Gonzalez who is getting up there in years.  TE may be a need because of the problems with Gonzo I just listed but the value is not there and Torrey's stock is rising fast.  He is graded as the third best WR and is lightning fast who can get in and out of his breaks quickly.Torrey also fits the profile of the kind of player the Falcons look for, selfless and team-oriented.  

28. New England Patriots – Cameron Heyward – Ohio State DE Heyward is another prototypical 3-4 end and even though they already drafted one the Patriots have enough picks to add another player who could develop into a solid starter and have two bookend DEs to pair with Vince Wilfork for years to come.  The patriots will be getting back several players from injuries so they decide not to take a chance on character guys like Jimmy Smith or Jonathan Baldwin.

29. Chicago Bears – Derrick SherrodMiss. St OT The bears defense is aging and they cut Tommie Harris but the biggest area of need other than WR is OL.  Jay Cutler was sacked 9 times in one half which should show how bad this unit played.  They did play better in the second half of the season but never better than an average line.  Imagine the offense that Cutler and Martz could put together if they had a line like Cutler had in Denver when he was blossoming into a star in this league. The next target on the agenda would be to get a taller WR for the go up and get it ball that Lovie Smith spoke about.

30. New York Jets – Akeem Ayers – UCLA OLB Akeem is the kind of player that you either love or hate.  He has immense potential but doesn't test well.  Know another player who is the same way Terrel Suggs he is a beast on game day but put him through a work out and he looks average at best his stock fell because of that just like Ayers.  Ayers had a poor combine and ran the 40 in 4.8 seconds when most people expected a better time.  The Jets have one of the better coverage defenses in the league even though they have a lot of free agents what they don't have is a premier pass rusher Rex Ryan would love to get a clone of Terrel Suggs this low in the draft since he played with the real thing in Baltimore. 

31. Pittsburgh Steelers – Brandon HarrisMiami CB There have been many steeler fans begging for two positions with this pick OL and DB.  All of the best OL are off the board at this point so any selection here would be a huge reach and they have proven they can manage with a sub par line.  DB however was exposed by three different QBs this year Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers in the super bowl.  Yes the steelers offense out scored GBs in the super bowl but Rodgers also scored on them like most QBs this year couldn't.  Jimmy Smith may be the better talent here to some but the character issues take him off of the steelers board they have purged their locker room of them most recently Santonio Holmes.  Brandon would be an upgrade over their second corner and if Ike Taylor can't be resigned then he may be able to take over the number one duties in a few years.

32. Green Bay Packers – Brooks Reed – Arizona DE/OLB The packers don't have many (if any) MAJOR needs (they did win the super bowl) but they do have some positions that need filling or upgrading. OT may be the biggest need but like with the steelers the best ones are off the board.  So they elect to grab another OLB to pair with Clay Mathews. Reed is a very good football player.  At 6'3, 263 lbs, he is fast (4.68) and possesses explosiveness off the line.  If he pans out then the Packers have bookend pass rushers like the Steelers for years to come.


So give me as much feedback as possible I put a lot of work into this one and I would love to get some feedback to know any picks that don't seem right. Don't hold back

Have at it.

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