The Wonders of Winstonworld

I just read the ideas that Eric Winston has a couple of proposals that I like. NFL network coverage is a joke (I've heard since I don't get it on my TV provider) and getting more money from the bidding process makes sense.

The other Idea of 8 teams going to the playoffs lays the ground work for a reorganization of league play. The math would look like this:

You have 32 teams in the league split into 2-16 team conferences. You play 16 games. That means that you can play every team in your conference 1 time a year with  home and away in alternating years.

Now there is that pesky 1 game left over that can be used for a regional matchup from the other conference. (Hou-Dal, Oak-SF,NYJ-NYG, etc) I know, some teams will not have a natural rival and they can pull a different money to spank evey year. The teams that DO have natural rivals will be embiggened by having a game that means something REGARDLESS of the records. (Like UT vs TAMU)

Then the playoffs start with the top 8 teams from the conference arranged into an even and odd brackets where  the 1&3 teams host a first round game and the other bracket where 2&4 teams host the others. This sets up the possibility of the 1&2 teams meeting in the conference championship.

I see the advantages of a system like this as :

1) More teams make the playoffs and more fans are interested longer into and beyond the regular season

2) No teams with losing records would make the playoffs. Maybe an 8-8 team makes it, but in the bracket they will draw high ranking team that should flush them in short order.

3) Teams are in control of their fate when they play everyone in the division giving a head to head tie breaker.

4) No team is stuck in a division where there is a dominate team that they have to play twice.

5) The regional games would be awsome for the teams that have a natural rivalry and could build into real blood fueds. I would make these games the opening day game so that it does not intrude on the final game playoff implications.

6) There would be 8 playoff games including the SB instead of the 6 games there are now.


What say you all?

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