Draft and Free Agency for Texans

* The Original Has Been Changed. This one is more definitive on which pick based on comments and further research. Enjoy.



Free Agents: CB. Shoving another CB taken in the first round is a bad idea. Kareem is talented and would benefit from a veteran CB to act as mentor. Any CB would probably be an upgrade at this point and why not try to maximize on Kareem, a first round pick. I can see them bringing in Antonio Cromartie at CB.

Trades: Amobi is pretty much useless now. They trade him with the browns who are switching to the 4-3 so that we switch our second round, third, fourth and fifth round picks with them.


Tenders: Jacoby Jones is tendered and we get a second round pick for him.



Round 1: Julio Jones (Alabama), WR- If the Texans can land him here they would have a physical beast with monster determination who for example ran a 4.39 40 yard dash with a broken foot.

Round 2: Stephen Paea (Oregon State), NT- The hype around Phil Taylor is somewhat unwarrented but works in our favor because Stephen Paea will fall to us at 38 overall. Oh yeah this guy did 49 reps too.

Round 2: Dontay Moch (Nevada), OLB: Raw but is the fastest rush 3-4 OLB in nearly a decade. Very raw but with guys like Demeco Ryans to learn from, he could become very good. To put his speed into perspective he ran his fourty yard dash in 4.45 seconds, that is faster than AJ Green ran it and only .06 seconds slower than Julio Jones, the fastest prospect at the combine ran it.

Round 3: Casey Matthews ( Oregon), LB: If he's anything like is brother he will be well worth it.

Round 4: Deunta Williams ( North Carolina), S: He and Glover Quin will combine to make fantastic plays next year and he presents great value as he is the second ranked safety in the draft who actually projects to the Cowboys in round 3 but we get because of Okoye.

Round 5: Alex Henery ( Nebraska), K/P: He is versatile, can kick better than most NFL, Is there any downside for a fifth rounder?

Round 6: ?

Round 7: Anthony Sherman ( Connecticut), FB: We have proven that a good FB can lead to great rushing success.


Breakdown: A reason a lot of these picks are good is because it brings in players who WIN. Every prospect except Stephen Paea had a winning season. OSU, Connecticut, Nebraska, Oregon and Nevada had great seasons and all went to bowls two of which were BCS Bowls and one played in the National Championship. Alabama is one of the most winningest programs in the last two years they won the BCS National Championship last year and trounced MSU this year. Bringing in young talent that WIN will change the mindset of the team, they will strive to win more than ever. 


Line up:


QB: Matt Schaub, you have Leinart and Orlovsky competing for back up. Who knows maybe Leinart could become good under Kubiak. I was thinking they would bring in a QB in the draft but Leinart eliminates that.

RB and FB: You have the pro bowl combo of Foster and Leach

TE and OL: The fourth ranked OL( maybe a bit overrated but even if they're 10, thats great) and a pro bowl tight end.

WR: Julio Jones, Andre Johnson and Kevin Walter. If Julio goes to other teams he could good but if he can learn from Andre he could be HOF great and in the process make Johnson greater because it would remove his double teams.


Defense: They move Glover Quin to SS and Sign a veteran CB.

Front 3: Williams and Dontay Moch, does it get better? Paea is a very strong DT who eats up blocks and with the ends thats what he earns his check doing.

Line Backers: Connor Barwin, Brian Cushing, Demeco Ryans, Casey Matthews, If you can find a line backer corp that has more potential than this please tell me. Also this already a top 10 corp.

Secondary: Glover Quin at SS and Deunta Williams at FS. Williams will bring his natural talent and Quin will bring his unique physicality to the safety position. Kareem Jackson can learn much from a veteran CV and could establish himself as very good CB. Cromartie is already good.


Conclusion: I don't see any holes on either side of the ball and there isn't any overly expensive FAs. Please give me any feedback especially on the later rounds.

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