2011 NFL Mock Draft

This isn't anything special, just a mock draft. Would like y'all's take on it. I'm too lazy to fill in analysis on every pick, but I will on some, maybe half of them.

1. Carolina (2-14) Cam Newton- Regardless of Mel Kiper's love affair with him, Jimmy Clausen will NOT pan out.
2. Denver (4-12) Marcell Dareus- Champ Bailey was re-signed, so Denver can wait a few years to address CB.
3. Buffalo (4-12) Von Miller- Need a pass rusher.
4. Cincinnati (4-12) Blaine Gabbert- Palmer is not ever going to be in a Bengals uniform again, so they need a QB.
5. Arizona (5-11) A.J. Green- BPA. Even Rex Grossman could have a good year with Green and Fitzgerald.
6. Cleveland (5-11) Da'Quan Bowers- Injury is a concern, but his talent can't be overlooked.
7. San Francisco (6-10) Patrick Peterson
8. Tennessee (6-10) Nick Fairley- Babin and Morgan are solid on the outside, so they need a DT.
9. Dallas (6-10) Tyron Smith- Dallas needs to protect Tony Homo with more success.
10. Washington (6-10) Julio Jones- BPA and need help at WR.
11. Houston (6-10) Robert Quinn- Houston needs an explosive edge rusher to go along with Connor Barwin.
12. Minnesota (6-10) Prince Amukamara- An aging Antoine Winfield needs a future replacement.
13. Detroit (6-10) Aldon Smith- Would pair very nicely with Suh.
14. St. Louis (7-9) Corey Liuget- Need to replace an aging Fred Robbins.
15. Miami (7-9) Mark Ingram
16. Jacksonville (8-8) J.J. Watt- Watt can play as a 4-3 DE, and can provide pressure off the edge, or in the middle.
17. New England (from Oakland 8-8) Anthony Castonzo
18. San Diego (9-7) Muhammed Wilkerson
19. New York Giants (10-6) Mike Pouncey
20. Tampa Bay (10-6) Cameron Jordan

21. Kansas City (10-6) Phil Taylor- Could also give Akeem Ayers a look, but they need a potentially dominant NT in Taylor.
22. Indianapolis (10-6) Nate Solder
23. Philadelphia (10-6) Jimmy Smith
24. New Orleans (11-5) Adrian Clayborn
25. Seattle (7-9) Jake Locker- They need a QB.
26. Baltimore (12-4) Brandon Harris- Could be a reach, but they need help at CB.
27. Atlanta (13-3) Justin Houston- Big steal this late in the draft. Houston would be a very good complement to John Abraham.
28. New England (14-2) Akeem Ayers- New England needs a very athletic, smart LB like Ayers.
29. Chicago (11-5) Gabe Carimi- Chicago needs help all over the O-Line, and this is a start.
30. New York Jets (11-5) Danny Watkins- The Jets have holes in the middle of their O-Line, excluding Mangold.
31. Pittsburgh (12-4) Cameron Heyward- Steelers need a replacement for the aging Aaron Smith.
32. Green Bay (10-6) Brooks Reed- Why not have two white guys with long hair as the edge rushers?

Let the criticism(or praise) begin!

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