2011 Texans MTD Mock Draft Final Review

As some of you may (or may not) know, myself, Southpaw, & NoSafetiesNeeded participated in MTD's recent 7 round live mock draft. It was a long process (which sadly I was not able to participate during the live draft, just pre-draft & post draft). Seeing as this was apparently an extremely rare occurrence since the Texans hadn't been represented much (if not at all), so I felt compelled to give the Texans some competent representation. We would like you to judge our picks & give us feedback on how good of a job we did (or didn't do). With that being said, here we go.........

1st Round Pick - Brooks Reed, OLB, Arizona
I know, I know. You're all saying "Why the hell are you reaching for him????" Well, Fairley was gone, so was Julio, Quinn, & Prince. Add in the fact we were completely unsuccessful in trading back (believe me, I tried my hardest to trade back, nobody would bite on a reasonable offer). At this point, we were looking at who fit the need best. We were not high on Aldon Smith at all. He's too raw, too unpolished, & in a offseason where he may not see OTAs, he's not a option. We settled on either Reed or Phil Taylor. Both would be reaches no matter what. Then I saw this, & I was sold on Reed. We may be heavily critizied with this pick, but I feel it's the best option with the scenario we were faced with.

2nd Round Pick - Rahim Moore, FS, UCLA
While less controversial than our 1st round pick, this is definitely a need pick & BPA pick. We get the best FS in the draft in the 2nd round, and he just fell in our laps. This was a no brainer pick.

3rd Round Pick - Dontay Moch, OLB, Nevada
I'm not in complete agreement with this pick, but I understand it. Again, he fell into our laps in the 3rd round, and he was just too good to pass up. We need LBs, so I can live with this pick. He can compete with Reed, Connor Barwin & Mark Anderson for the OLB spots, & at worst provide nice depth. Southpaw said he was torn on this pick cause he wanted Jurell Casey. I thought we should have gone with Sione Fua. In the end, this is still a nice pick.

4th Round Pick - DeAndre McDaniel, SS, Clemson
Now this is a pick that I believe is unrealistic. Not because where he was picked, but the idea that the Texans would even take him with his past character issues. However I understand the logic behind the pick. He was the best SS in the draft, who again fell into our laps. Granted, that incident happened 3 years ago & he has been keeping himself out of trouble since, so maybe he deserves a chance. At the same time though, I think this is where our last opportunity at a good NT ends. Jerell Powe was still on the board, & we still haven't addressed NT to this point. But being that our pass defense was the worst in the league, filling in the SS position was necessary. When you get a talent like this at this point of the draft, you hope you have a steal on your hands & he keeps himself out of trouble

5th Round Pick - Buster Skrine, CB, Tennessee-Chatanooga
Yea...we can kick Brice McCain to the curb now. He impressed everyone at the combine by posting one of the fastest times in the 40 yard dash, then followed it up by posting the some of the best times in the agility drills (fastest 60 yard shuttle in the combine, and the second fastest shuttle and L drill times), then just continued to impress at his pro day. Add in his highlight reel  & his coach's glowing praise for him, and he's another no brainer pick.

6th Round Pick - Alex Henery, K/P, Nebraska
We snagged him off the board just in time. Apparently the Steelers fans want him as much as we do. He can handle punting & FGs that are just out of Rackers' range. I don't know if it's a good idea to put him on kickoffs though, our coverage may suffer without Rackers making tackles.

7th Round Pick - Raymond Webber, WR, UAPB
Didn't know much about this guy, so I'll let the footage explain itself

Raymond Webber College Hi-Lights (UAPB) (via isasports)

Mr.Irrelevant - Daniel Hardy, TE, Idaho


Undrafted Free Agents
Scott Tolzien, QB, Wisconsin
Josh Davis, OT, Georgia
Cody Grant, DT, TCU
Andre Holmes, WR, Hillsdale

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