Some different names for the Texans

Based on the players available from in the various rounds, I put together a Texans mock with some players I haven't seen mocked to the Texans before.  I am interested in how you think this would work for a Texans draft.

Round 1:  Aaron Williams, CB/FS, Texas.  I know, big shock, but listen to my reasons before slamming the pick.  Others available include Aldon Smith, Prince, Kerrigan, Cameron Jordan, JJ Watt, and DaQuan Bowers.  My reasoning is that one of the biggest needs for the Texans is safety.  Neither of our starters, if you insist on calling them starters, will be returning.  The team wants to move Quin to safety, but he is one of our better DB's.  Williams gives flexibility and allows us to try both him and Quin at safety/DB and work out the best combo.  Of course we could probably do the same with Prince, and that may be preferable, but Williams could be an option if we manage to trade back.

Round 2: Stephen Paea, NT.  A lot of people (myself included) would be surprised if he fell this far, but if he is here I have to take him.  This wouldnt be a surprise pick if he were here.

Round 3: Dontay Moch, OLB.  I know most people here think he will be gone before this as well, but most boards seem to have him available at this level.  He is very fast and obviously speed is very important at OLB, and so I agree that he is a value in this round.  I will be very interested to see where he actually lands.

Round 4: Lawrence Wilson, OLB, U Conn.  I think this is another unusual choice for the Texans.  He is a 4 yr starter, 2 yrs All Big East, 2nd all time in tackles for Conn.  Led the conf in tackles in 2010 with 123.  Also had 3.5 sacks and 10.5 tfl.  A little undersized at 6'1" 229. 

Round 5: Cliff Matthews, DE So. Carolina.  A "have you been sleeping with Rick Smith?" pick.  4 yr starter, defensive captain, played hurt (shoulder). hustle player, 6'4" 257 lbs.  Actually played OLB as a freshman and was named to the all SEC freshman team at that position.

Round 6: Chris Rucker, CB/FS Mich State.  The "and you call yourself a Texans fan??" pick.  Yes, the same Chris Rucker who was arrested for assault along with 9 others from the Mich State squad, and then later was also arrested for DUI.  Would probably go in the 4th round if it wasn't for that.  Again this is a flexibility pick, but I would think he is more likely to make the team as FS rather than DB.  Would you take a flyer on him in the 6th?

Round 7:  Chas Henry, P, Fla.  A popular pick for the Texans, but usually in round 5 or 6 as most people dont expect him to last until round 7.  I wouldnt draft him earlier though because there are other punters I like who would likely be available if Henry was gone (Epperson and Long).

Mr. Irrelevant:  Terrence McCrae, WR Ohio.  Big fast receiver who didnt pile up big numbers due to being on a run oriented team.  6'3" 194lbs.  Ran a 4.42 in the 40.  Recorded 35 catches in 2010 for 505 yds, and included 9 TD's.  Most of these were in the red zone where he outjumped the defenders. 

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