Is Houston in the Mix?

This morning while watching Mike and Mike in the morning, Todd McShay, one of ESPN's draft analysts, said in a quick passing quote "The Texans, I know, are trying to get it to the top part of the draft." Just like every Texans rumor the national media just kept talking and not looking into this comment and continued with the show like "who cares".

Well if you are like me you want more than just that, I want some one or someone with REAL credibility to put some reason why this seems to be a growing rumor towards the NFL Draft that begines Thursday night that the Texans want in the top part of the draft.

If you have been following draft coverage anyone can see if the Texans "ARE" trying to get into the top part of the draft it has to be for Marcell Dareus DT (Alabama), Von Miller, LB (Texas A&M) or Patrick Peterson, DB (LSU)

All these players will be on a plane trip to their new team's facility by the time the #11 pick rolls over to the Texans, and if the Texans are serious about getting into the mix in the Top 5 picks we could expect one of these players to be our next Houston Texans player.

Looking into each player they could bring the following:

Marcell Dareus (DT)- He could possibly be the new Nose Tackle of the Texans and also be able to move him to the 5 technique and bring some much needed help to a defensive line group that stuggled in the 2010 season.

Von Miller (LB)- A standup rush end that could be paired along side with Mario Williams and create blocking mismatches for opposing offenses, and could bring much needed  speed to the outside to get to the quarterback.

Patrick Peterson (DB)- Coming into the draft considered the safest pick of this years draft class, playes corner but is projected to safety later in his career, adding him to a suspect secondary would give the Texans a playmaker that has never been there in franchsie history.

The Texans need depth, but the potential thoughts of landing one of these players gets me ready for tomorrow's draft. As a Texans' fan I am listening to anything that comes out at these last moments before the draft and hoping this is the year that the Texans finally figure it out.

All three would be great picks for a make or break it year for Gary Kubiak, instant help is what the Texans need and all three bring that to the table.

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