Gary Kubiak and drafting Wide Receivers

Most people through the years have had the impression that Kubiak has taken the stance that he can coach up the offense without adding much talent because of his knowledge of that side of the ball while giving the picks and additions to the D to do with what they please (even if they use those poorly).

I'm not so sure this is true.

Sure, Kubes was involved in taking Mario with his most important pick.  But Vince wasn't his type of player (no matter if McNair made him try out a year of mittens or not) and Reggie Bush wasn't necessarily either, at least for the type of number one back he likes (one cut and go, little jukage).  In fact, putting that draft in terms of the type of player Kubiak likes makes people who still claim Casserly pointed out Mario even more ridiculous (


But after that, Kubiak, traded two twos for Schaub, and took Duane Brown with a first rounder.  In the Mario draft, he took two Franchise tackles in the third round (that Charles Spencer pick never gets the kudos it deserves because of a fluke injury).  He's strategically picked off a starting WR in free agency (Walter) and late in the draft (DA).  He's taken them fairly early ('Coby).  Point is, Kubiak's not above investing in the Offense.  However, he already had his cornerstone in Andre, and got his unit excelling way before the other side of the ball.

What I'm trying to say is, we don't necessarily have evidence of Kubiak passing on a special offensive talent when itwas easily the best player on the board.


Dez Bryant rings a bell.  However, I might surmise that Dez's unwillingness to block might have as much to do with Kubiak passing on him as his attitude.  Julio can block.


Mendenhall?  Not elite like Dez and was passed for an offensive player.


My point is simple.  And I believe many of you will prove me wrong because you are way more knowledgable than me.  Has Kubiak passed on a truly elite offensive first round talent?  One that is clearly more talented than the defensive player picked over him? 

I'm honestly asking.  I'm not the expert many of you draft nuts are.  But, my hunch (or hope or prayer?) is that Kubiak knows elite offensive talent when he sees it and would never pass on it (unless the better defensive talent of Robert Quinn were also available in which place Kubiak couldn't be blamed for throwing a challenge flag so as to get 30 extra seconds to celebrate his good fortune).

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