Looking Into the Texans' Magic 8 Ball (Weeks 1-6)



What can Texans fans look forward to in the 2011 football season? long as there is one. Follow after the jump

The Texans couldn't have come out hotter last year. Sure they had a rough preseason (minus the glimpse of hope in the victory against the Cowboys) But, expectations were high and it seemed like it couldn't get any better after the wrecking ball that is Arian Foster rolled right through the Colts for over 230 yards. The next week came a thrilling OT victory in Washington...then there was the Cowboys game. It seemed like the air was truly let out of fans, realizing that the Texans had been humbled by their northside rivals. And you know how the rest of the season went... But this team might just be able to rewrite their history. Sure they've got some work to do and this lockout isn't helping at all. Phillips deciding to move to  3-4 isn't helping out manners either but still, there IS light at the end of the tunnel. I think our draft was stellar picking up two great picks to help our solid but thin front 7.Plus Harris and Keo could pick up some slack and add depth to the secondary. We go into this season with more rotations available and hopefully a squad that can be assisted by some key free agent signings (Asomugha anyone?). But this post isn't about what has already happened, it's about looking into the future that is this season and dissecting it. I wanna go through each and every game and give some realistic predictions. So jump on the train and let's get right into weeks 1-8

Week 1: vs. Indianapolis Colts (Prediction HOU 31-27)

                       I know it's probably not the popular vote around the NFL but I think the texans have a real good shot at coming out of the gates rolling again. Don't be fooled into thinking Arian is gonna have even close to the game he did this time last year. However, when is the last time you felt like 140 yds was a bad game? Foster will have a good game, AJ and Matt will hook up for a couple of tds and hopefully the new look 3-4 comes out fighting. The texans nab a win in this one.

Week 2: at Miami Dolphins (Predicition HOU 38-24)

                      This Dolphins team is one without any real talent and a team that still has a loooonnnggg road to travel before they can talk of any playoff aspirations. Go ahead and try to name 4 dolphins that aren't named Brandon Marshall. The Texans roll in this one and gives them some true hope for a good season. Mark my words, Johnson WILL go off in this game...maybe 150 yds and 2/3 tds?

Weeks 3 and 4 at New Orleans and vs. Pittsburgh (Win vs N.O. and Loss vs Pitt)

                      These two weeks are truly gonna be make or break weeks for this team. If they can come out of this week at 3-1 or ,heaven forbid, 4-0, then they will show us and all the analysts out there that this Houston team is for real. Going into the Superdome and facing returning AFC champions are incredibly tough. But, you have to hope that they can grab one and ride out the storm to get out of these weeks. Wade's defense has got a shot here to really show up or fold over.

Week 5 vs. Oakland (HOU 28-10)

                        Sure they had a .500 season last year but they aren't returning Nmadi and who is gonna be there qb?...Jason Campbell is a joke. End of story. Texans walk in and out of the buliding quickly stomping the Oakland crew. By the way for any fantasy owners out there, please start every Texan this week...just trust me

Week 6 at Baltimore (BAL 28-20)

                        A fairly one-sided affair, the Texans face the reality of traveling into Baltimore where it just doesn't seem like they have many holes. Houston will put up a fight but the Ravens will ultimately shut down any threats. Unlike the Oakland game, fantasy owners should avoid even touching any Texans players (unless their names end in -oster or -ohnson)

So in summary, the Texans look like at best they could go 5-1 through week 6 but they could also very easily go 2-4. You just never know what the magic 8 ball says on these guys. If you've kept with me this far I thank you and please feel free to leave any feedback. Week 7-12 will hopefully be posted at the beginning of next week. Thanks again for reading

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