How to get a Rec on Battle Red Blog

When I think about the Texans, I think about the great offense guided by teh Schaub and the power running behind the beast, Arian Foster.  I think of the epically bad defense that made me cringe anytime there was 1 or more seconds on the clock when there was a lead of 8 or less.  It is kind of like the odds of the Starship Troopers defeating all of the bugs on a planet without at least six guys losing arms, legs, or their life in the battle.  Of course, whenever I think of Starship Troopers I wonder how a guy around 30 years old (Casper Van Dien) can play a recent High School graduate.  Then I remember Denise Richards is in the movie and I cannot think about her without thinking of her epic scene   or the other one  in Wild Things.  Apparently I have digressed but I had fun doing so. Let's investigate this after the jump.




OK, as I don’t know all that is football since I thought Arian Foster would be the starter this year at the end of last year, I figure I am not so much the guy to talk about all things football.  However, I have hung out here at BRB for a while.  I am no expert, but since I have been here I quickly scanned lots of comments I conducted a scientific survey to see what it takes to get a comment goo’d (or turned green from rec’s).

While this list is not at all inclusive – it should help you to get a rec on any comment you leave here at BRB

·         If you are new here make a comment – any comment :)

·         Post a photo of a hot looking woman (Apparently now known as section 807.92 thread regulation)

·         Make a clever reference to how God-awful Frank Bush’s Defense was

·         Or just bash Frank Bush

·         Avoid TE Jokes (unless it is so someone else DilloTex will post dead horse pics or someone links to sites where you can beat a dead horse)

·         Gush out good stuff about Andre Johnson

·         and then make obligatory reference to Innegan.

·         Then post a picture of Innegan getting his butt kicked

·         Say something epically bad about the Cowturds

·         Any good joke about Matt Schaub

·         Follow that with at least he isn’t David Carr

·         Make fun of Kubiak’s Denny’s Menu

·         Gush out good stuff about Arian Foster

·         Throw out an inside joke or 2 concerning Zima, Coors Light, Panda suits, of bfd

·         Any decent explanation as to why you want a NT

·         Comment how the Texans Organization is so much smarter now that Wade Phillips is here

·         Find a secret way to get Scrabble to come to Houston.

·         Give us any reason to doubt anything written by pancakes

·         Comment on the idiocy of how radio VY will never make it in the NFL


If you can do any of those things – you are likely to get some kind of positive response.   BRB takes no responsibility for this post and all references to players/coaches/and anyone else is the sole responsibility of the writer and no one else. Warning: Please note that some links may  be NSFW and yes, I know this is way too late to tell you..

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