Saturday Night Tunes

Saturday Night Tunes?  But it's like afternoon, maaaan.

If that's your main concern, you should probably put the doobie down, Chris.

It's been about a month since the last one, so follow me after the jump to see what i've been listening to lately.

Using "the jump" on a FanPost?  Am I crazy?  Probably.  But that's not what we're here to talk about.

I've been known to call out "hipsters" and yell strings of nonsensical diatribes at them, laced with hatred that rivals the fiery of a thousand burning suns.  Some people call it verbal harassment, I call it therapy.   It's definitely better than me walking around Montrose, mowing down every single hipster I see with a machine gun, right?

Anyways, I've been listening to a lot of Local Natives lately.  They played in last year's SXSW, drawing comparisons to bands such as Arcade Fire (I hate Arcade Fire) and Fleet Foxes.  Their debut album "Gorilla Manor" had been a success in Europe prior to its arrival in the U.S.   When you listen to the album, you'll understand why.

Here's one of the songs from their debut album, entitled "Wide Eyes".  It's one of their best songs, but not the best.  I'm sure DreKeem will argue with me about this, but I'm never wrong.  So tell him that he's just wasting his time.


Wide Eyes - Local Natives 

And yes, there are multiple layers of percussion and vocals in that one song. This is what happens when a bunch of multi-talented artists get together and start a band. 

I've been listening to a lot of The Get Up Kids, too.  It brings back a lot of memories.  I don't know why people kept calling them emo, but whatever.


The Get Up Kids - Action and Action

Their lead singer, Matthew Pryor, has a solo project going called "The New Amsterdams."  If you used to be a big fan of The Get Up Kids, you should check it out.  It's mostly Pryor and his acoustic guitar.  Nothing sounds more honest than a man and his acoustic guitar.  I would link a couple of their songs, but most of them are corrupted by Vevo.

On to somewhat heavier sounds...

Here's a song called "Mess of Me" by Switchfoot.  The Christian band Switchfoot?  Yes.  I think this came out two years ago, but it didn't get much attention.  I have this song on my gym playlist.  It's perfect for short intervals.


Mess of Me - Switchfoot (Hello Huricane) 

And to top this edition of "Saturday Night Tunes," here's some Weezer.  Somewhat new Weezer.  Because old Weezer sucks.  Especially "The Sweater Song" and "Say it Ain't So". 

/looks at tGC



Pork & Beans Acoustic - Tay Zonday and Brian Bell 

If you live in Houston, Weezer is headlining Free Press Summerfest this coming June.  You should check it out, and buy me fancy pants tickets because I iz broke.

So what say you, BRB?  What have you been listening to lately?

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