BRB Madden Tournament: Pain is Temporary, Glory is Forever

"Winning isn't everything.  It's the only thing."

Dog days of summer got ya down?  Tired of reading inane tweets from Schefter and Mort?  Desperate for the sweet embrace of a Eugene WilsonTroy Polamalalaloo tackle?  I think I've got just the fix.

After a series of tense negotiating sessions involving Coors Light (really, Tim?) and chicken tenders, I am delighted to announce the BRB Madden Tournament.  Surprising to no one who frequents this blog, Brandon and the guys at the always excellent 360 Sports Lounge have stepped up and - with the help of Silver Eagle, the folks who provide this city with the sweet nectar of Bud Light - granted us a venue for digital gladiatorial combat.

Relevant information after the jump, friends.

We're still fleshing out some of the details, but the important parts are as follows.

What: The inaugural BRB Madden Tournament, a glorious two weekend event in which many will enter, but only one will win.

Where: 360 Sports Lounge.

When: Saturday July 30th, and Saturday August 6 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.  As we're anticipating a number of participants, we figured it made sense to spread it out over a couple weekends.

Who: YOU!  Or at least any of you that think you've got what it takes.  And that includes our Texans diaspora.  Brandon has informed us the Xboxs will be hooked up to the web and a special gamertag created so our foreign friends can log on and try their luck.  So don't let your absence from Houston stop you from joining in the fun.

Let us know below if you think you're interested in participating.  And even if you don't, come on out and enjoy the experience!  Word is Tim might have t-shirts made up, there will be drinks aplenty, and the warm, cynical camaraderie of fellow Texans fans.

As I said, we're still ironing out a few kinks so keep an eye on this post and I'll keep you updated.  I'm sure I forgot a thing or two, so please ask any questions you may have.  Otherwise, see you in a few weeks!

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