What can we do to get press passes for BRB ?


I have been scouring the Internet for the last month to get the latest news regarding the Houston Texans, and I am sorely disappointed by the coverage that current press pass holders are providing us.  The Battle Red Blog has been the only source of daily Texans training camp news that has provided its readers with detailed player performance and position battle information that I have found to date  – and all without press passes that Houston’s other media outlets enjoy.

The Houston Chronicle continues to publish articles and “camp recap” summaries that instead focus on player profiles and quotes from players and coaches.  Reading the Chronicle sports page this morning I found the usual.  There’s a nice story about CB Sherrick McManis, but it doesn’t contain any real reporting about how well he has been performing in camp.  There is a story about the expected playing time for the starters against the Jets and who will be out due to injury.   I checked to see if there was any additional info that was omitted from the print version and found none.  I really became disturbed when I went to the Texans’ NFL website and found almost the exact same information there as I did from the Chronicle’s reporters. 

Both provided an article about the expected playing time for the starters during Monday’s pre-season game.  This is standard news and I expect the information provided from each source to be the same.

If you read the transcripts of the Kubiak and Cushing post-practice interviews from the Texans’ website, then you have all of the information provided by the Chronicle’s “Texans notes…” article by John McClain.  It’s just presented in a little different order and this disturbs me.  Was anyone actually watching practice, or just waiting for the post-practice transcript to be posted online so an article could be generated from it?

Say what you will about the depth of Stephanie Stradley’s reporting, but her fan blog entries on  are the only ones that I have seen that give me the impression that she was actually at camp and watching the players in person.  Is she even Chronicle employee?   And this information cannot be found in the print version of the newspaper (Print is dead, I know.  Just sayin’).

Understanding that our local sports talk radio stations have on-air personalities as opposed to professional sports reporters, I am surprised that information provided on their websites regarding the Texans’ camp is almost non-existent:

Sports Radio 610 has a “Texans Training Camp, Day 12 In Review” post on their website, which takes you to a 40 second video clip of Mark Vandermeer summarizing Kubiak’s post-practice comments.  Wow.  Not.

Sports 610

I really could not find anything related to the Texans training camp news at Sports 790’s website, as all of the blog posts seem to focus on eye candy.  Boobies are nice, but they are not scratching the itch for Texans info.  There is one very short Associated Press article about how Matt Leinart’s time is coming.  Weeee.  Not.

Nowhere can I find a breakdown of camp/practice that the BRB contributors like UprootedTexan, Texans-Broncos, bone31crusher, MDC, Still Blue, and others have feed us over the last two weeks.  Although I am new to BRB, this is why I have quickly become an uber-fan of its content.

So what does Battle Red Blog need to do to get press passes?

Is there anything that we, as fans, can do to promote BRB to the Texans’ organization to get those passes (email campaign, drop leaflets, sky writing)?  

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