BRB Tuesday Morning Quarterback






Well I just wanted a Fanpost for some summarizing of everyone's thoughts on the game last night now that we have had a night to wet dream over it again in our heads. My thoughts on high and low lights follow, please tell us your thoughts in the comment section:


First team offense

Matt Schaub looked a little rusty, missing his receivers on bad or awkward throws on at least 3 occasions. I'm sure he will work that out over the rest of camp. The offensive line looked fairly good though, I didn't think Schaub was under too much pressure and they did a decent job of picking up the blitz. I thought D. Ward looked pretty explosive before he got hurt and left the game. With no AJ we saw more JJ, and I even saw Dorin get some snaps with the first team. Jacoby once again showed some inconsistent hands, dropping a pass that he should have easily hauled in.

First team defense

I might be alone here, but I wasn't nearly as impressed with the defense in the first couple series that most of you were. To me it looked like a bend but don't break performance. I thought the Jets moved the ball too well before stalling in scoring position. Mario looked a little cumbersome at linebacker and needs to be able to jump those cut blocks. I thought Sharpton played pretty well filling in for Cushing. He wasn't timid and had a nose for the ball. JJ Watt looked sharp and proved that Honey Badger indeed does not give a shit. I didn't get a good look at Mitchell and Cody, because honestly I was watching other places more. Kareem continued to show that he is a whipping post, and was repeatedly picked on by Sanchez. Manning showed us what a tackle in the open field is supposed to look like. Overall I thought the pass rush was a little lacking, but who was that guy wearing the Adibi jersey? He looked about twice as buff as the Adibi from last year. I'm suddenly not feeling so bad about our ILB depth. I didn't see much out of Allen filling in for Joseph, but that is probably because the Jets spent their time picking on Kareem and our linebackers in coverage.

Special Teams

Did we just watch a rewind from 2010? Its sad when Neil Rackers in the best tackler on our coverage teams. Our special teams performance plain out sucked. Missed tacklers left and right, kickoff teams not getting downfield, Anthony Hill not knowing how to block someone, and #39, Im not going to bother with his name because he probably won't make the team, trying to run sideways repeatedly. I thought the punting battle was pretty even, but I would default to youth if it was me. Rackers was sharp as usual.

Backups who stood out(for good or bad)

Matt Lienart: I thought Hot Tub Matty just played ok. Most of his passes were just check downs to the RB, and a couple attempts at the TE. Nothing downfield, I don't even think he looked downfield. That being said, he didn't do anything stupid and he didn't hold the ball too long.

Vickers: While he didn't get opportunity until late, he was aggressive. He wanted to hit somebody. A true fullback in the sense, and I think we need him.

Lestar Jean: The kid took advantage of his opportunity. He looks like a Jacoby Jones clone on the field, except he actually caught the ball and made a big play when his number was called. He's looking more and more like the 4th WR.

Chris Ogbonnaya: I feel really bad for this kid. He played his ass off out there and did everything you could ask of him, even thought he never had a prayer of making this roster. Hopefully another team likes his tape and he gets an opportunity.

Jesse Nading: this local favorite looked like Mario lite out there. He was all over the field making plays and looked good rushing the passer. I really like him as depth, the kid has always been a high motor guy, and he was on point last night.

Troy Nolan: I'm not really a fan of his, and he didn't make much play in coverage, but the kid was laying some wood when he got the chance to tackle. I like him as SS depth.

Brooks Reed: Honestly, I don't think he showed much last night. He seemed to have trouble getting around the tackle, even when he was playing with the 3rd team late in the game. Hopefully its because of a lack of practice time. I think with a couple more games under his belt he could still come around.

Shiloh Keo: He looked bad. He whiffed on a sack, and then followed it up by whiffing on a tackle. I think he has a long way to go.

Bryan Braman: Who the hell is this guy? The kid I have never heard of was absolutely abusing the Jets backup offensive lineman. He was pressuring the QB repeatedly and moved sideline to sideline very well. Its too early to chalk him up, but a couple more games like that and he might push someone else off the roster, or at least try to sneak onto the practice squad.

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