Training Camp- Day 4

The bf is backed up at work so I'm updating... The majority of practice today was 11v11 scrimmages. Our guys were in full pads, and they even had ref's. Unfortunately, we're not allowed to shoot during the 11v11 parts so I hardly have any pics for yall today but here are a few followed by Koob's post practice interview.

Link to Pics.

(I can't figure out how to post pictures so in the mean time, go to that link above and all days of TC are on there. If you're feeling extra nice, you can like my mag too ;)

Training Camp Day 4- Kubiak Interview

On full pads again tomorrow-

No, I’m coming back in shorts tomorrow so I’m doing everything I can to get the team all on the same spot so when all those guys are actually able to have a physical practice. We’ll come back in shorts tomorrow, have a good practice and go back in pads on Friday. I’m hoping by the end of the week, by Sunday, we’ll have everybody on the same page.

On players that are sitting out-

Demeco, Antonio, and actually Andre they were all part of a restructuring situation from a contract standpoint so they fall into the category of the other 10 or 12 guys right now so they actually can’t do anything until this afternoon or tomorrow morning depending on what happens so that’s why they weren’t practicing. Andre wouldn’t have practiced anyway.

On why he didn’t change the walk through practice to this morning-

No I didn’t because I think there’s a chance that it may not happen. There’s a chance, we’ve been told, as of yesterday that if you have anything to schedule it as late as you could schedule it today and if I pushed everything back then we didn’t get them back then I’d pushed it back for nothing so we’ll catch them up. We’ll stay on schedule here. The guys have had good work and we’ll catch those 10 or 12 up.

On who stood out to him today-

Sharpton really flashed to me today. Demeco was out so he got a chance to run the defensive football team and just watching him, I thought he did a hell of a job. Jason Allen had a very good day. Kinda new guys everyday showing up but I like the way Sharpton stepped in and he got a chance to run a football team.

On how slow all of the contracts and everything are coming together-

I say it’s disappointing. It’s not frustrating, it’s just disappointing because you got 10, 12 guys who are just like “Coach, I want to practice, I want to play.” They want to go, it’s not their fault so I’m not going to get frustrated at them because they can’t go. I’m not going to get frustrated because there’s such good work going on with everybody else so it’s about patience, it’s about being fluid every day. Every day is a different day and when I get them all to the same spot which I feel good about doing here in the next 3 days then I’ll feel good. But there’s nothing anybody can do about it. If I could do something, hell I’d do it but there’s nothing they can either.

On Cushing-

I watched him run today. I think he’s better every day. He’s not ready to come back out here quite yet so we’re being smart with him. Is that this week, is it next week, we don’t know. We’ll see. We’re day to day with him.

Have guys like Jean and Tolliver caught your eye at the receiver spot?-

Yeah, you know what, they really have. They’re big guys. Obviously they’re getting a big opportunity because Andre’s out, Jacoby’s not practicing so we’re basically running with a real young group right now. They both got the body and the athletic ability to play in this league so we’ll see how far they come. Special teams will probably be a big key there. It’s a good group. It’s probably as good of a group of free agent wide receivers we’ve had.

On Kareem Jackson-

He’s doing a good job. He’s just all business but he was all business last year. Kareem comes here every day to work. I think he’s really taken to Vance. Our system that we’re running, that is really what he ran in college so I think he feels very comfortable.

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