The Myth of the Legitimate #2 Wide Receiver "to Stretch the Field"


If you are one of those who know I am wrong because you disagree with me and won't read the whole article, this is the third worst article ever written (then again it may be the worst since it is newer). So before you get your panties in a wad - check your emotions at the door and see how any logical arguments stack up.

I have heard so many people, especially in the Houston area talk about how the Texans need a legitimate #2 wide receiver[i] to stretch the field.  Some say so Andre Johnson can be more successful, some say that the Team needs it to "go to the next level."[ii]  What I say is this is nothing more than an emotional argument, based on the "excitement factor" that cannot be supported by facts or statistics.  There are some out there that say you cannot base anything on statistics, but only on wins.  Wins must be considered a factor, but if wins is the only thing you consider, then these statements apply for every team with a better record than the Texans:

  • Their quarterback is better than Matt Schaub (of course there are a lot that hold to this myth)
  • Their #1 receiver is better than Andre Johnson
  • Their running back is better than Arian Foster
  • Their fullback was better than Vonta Leach
  • Their right tackle was better than Eric Winston
  • Their Long Snapper was better than Weeks
  • In other words, every player at every position is better because wins are the only thing that matter.

Using this logic, just take any player for any position on a "winning team" and you will always improve your team.  If you really think that - then Eli Manning is both the best and one of the worst quarterbacks in the league.

If you haven't already gone to comment about how stupid this article is, then continue with me after the jump.

So let's analyze the "logic" of get a "legitimate #2 receiver" to stretch the field.  Since upposedly the argument for this is to make Andre Johnson more successful, and the team more successful, the only teams we can compare to the Texans must have

a.       A receiver that was "better" than Andre Johnson last year, and

b.      Has a wr#2 that was significantly better than Kevin Walter.

c.       A better record than the Texans.

Why use Kevin Walter?  Statistically he was the #2 receiver of the Texans even if teh Schaub forgot about him for 3 games last year. This should be easy to do right? 

The Teams that had a better record than the Texans last year:  Patriots, Atlanta, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, the Jests, Da Bears, the Dream Team Philadelphia, the Giants, the Colts, Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Kansas City, San Diego, The Glitter Kitties, The Raiders, Miami, St. Louis, and Seattle all fit this category.  If the teams don't have a better record - what do we care what they do?

Of those teams which ones had a significantly better #2 receiver?  For purposes of discussion, I use only #2 receivers that have 100 more yards receiving than Walter did.   That leaves us with these 9 teams:  Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, teh Jests, the Dream Team Philadelphia, the Giants, the Colts, Tampa Bay, and Miami. 

Now, leave off teams that the #2 had no more touchdowns than Walter:   Now you are left with Baltimore, New Orleans, the Jests, the Dream Team Philadelphia, the Giants, and the Colts.

Now let's see who had a more successful #1 receiver than Andre Johnson, even though he didn't play every game last year.  We are left with the Colts, and ... um well, we are left with the Colts.

So what you are really saying, using logic, is that because the Clots #2 wide receiver stretched the field for Reggie Wayne, then the Texans need one too.  While the Colts are a successful team, I fail to see how basing this legitimate #2 wide receiver argument on a team that had no running game really makes any sense.

Would I like to see a speed burner that can actually catch at the #2 wide receiver spot?  Sure I would.   Would I like to see more Gus Johnson worthy touchdowns?  Of course I would.  Like I said earlier, this is all just an emotional thing, and has nothing to do with logic and football success.

So what do you think?  I would  like to see what turns up.


[i] Appraently this is a super wide receiver that is super fast, has fantastic hands, but for reasons unknown to man is a #2 instead of a #1 wide receiver.

[ii] For some the playoffs, for some only the Super Bowl counts

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