Who to Root For - Week 1



I'm going to start this series early this year, right from the beginning. For those of you who weren't here the last couple years, basically I will list a few games from around the league that hold some kind of importance to the playoff hopes of the Texans and tell you who you should want to win. Its never to early to start hatin' on other teams. So lets take a look after the jump.

Buffalo at Kansas City - While on the surface this might not seem like a game that would carry any bearing, lets keep in mind that last season the Chiefs went to the AFC playoffs. So while we all hope the Texans manage to win the division finally this year, if they are fighting for a wildcard spot, teams like KC become worth keeping an eye on. Most people like to dog on Buffalo as a terrible team, but the truth is, they have been improving. They have an offense that has learned how to score some points, and their defense has been slowing improving especially on the line. Matt Cassel is playing with a cracked rib and the KC offense looks like a lost puppy after Charlie Weiss walked away in the off season. I give the Bills a fighting chance here.

Root For: Da Bills


Tennessee at Jacksonville - What a difference a year makes. If you told us last year this game would feature Matt Hasselbeck vs Luke McCown, we probably would be concerned that you actually OD'd on bleach. While most of the media types have been toting the Texans as the favorite in a Manningless division, lets not forget the problems we have had with these two in the past. While either losing is obviously good for us, let us consider the big picture. The Glitter kitties are playing the season with Luke McCown. Their defense still sucks and their best reciever is probably their RB. The Tits are the biggest long term threat to a divisional crown here.

Root For: A Sinkhole(if none are available, then the Glitterkitties)


Pittsburgh at Baltimore - Much like last year, it is likely these two will both be making the playoffs What that means is conpetion for a wildcard spot if we should not win the division. Add that with the fact that we play both these teams this year and its a matchup worth following. The Steelers have repeatedly gotten the best of this matchup so I think the Dirty Birds stealing one here would be in our best long term interests. I still think Baltimore isn't as good as people think they are so if they can take this one, hopefully it will work to bring down teams down a little over the long haul of the season.

Root For: Ray Lewis' limo driver


Minnesota at San Diego - An NFC vs AFC matchup makes this a no brainer for us. The Chargers will most likely win the AFC West this year, but the threat of another early season implosion and then late season comeback is always there with them. So with that in mind, always root for the NFC team.

Root For: Vikings


Dallas at NY Jets - Man, is there any chance we could get another sinkhole? I hate both these teams and wouldn't mind it if one of those ships from Independence Day showed up above the stadium during the game. While it must pain all of you to actually cheer for the Cowpukes, you have to default to the NFC during an interconference game like this. Especially because NY will probably be in a struggle with the Pats for top of the AFC east, making the other a wildcard contender. So lets hope Rex Ryan is too engrossed looking at Tony Homo's well manicured feet to win the game.

Root For: Mega death beam wielding starships(or failing that the cowpukes)


New England at Miami - Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.....oh wait, wrong year. Much like I explained before the Pats and Jets will probably be in a fight for the AFC east, making both a threat for playoff spots. The Dolphins took a step back this offseason in my opinion and will be on the outside looking in. With that in mind a Miami upset here should serve our purposes well.

Root For: Reggie, Reggie, Reggie


Oakland at Denver - "I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and makes war. His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself.Tebow" . Oh wait I forgot, Tebow Jesus is 3rd string right now. Oh well perhaps another day he will save us. I personally think both of these teams will be bottomfeeders and little threat for playoff spots, but the NFL is unpredictable and anyone could rise to the occasion. Oakland is probably the bigger threat.

Root For: The Second Coming

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