BRB Pick'Em League RoundUp - Week 1

I honestly don’t remember who wrote the weekly Pick’em round up last season, but damn they are a hard act to follow.  I’m going to do my best, and I promise to make it as entertaining as I possibly can.  Without further ado, let’s get to my thoughts on my "Game of the Week" for Week 2 and also the Week 1 Roundup of the Pick’em league.

Game of the Week:
My game of the week for Week 2 is none other than the Oakland Raiders at the Buffalo Bills.  Both teams come off underdog victories, and I believe both teams are underrated.  Though, I doubt either team will stay underrated for long if they can continue to play like they did in Week 1.

The Raiders bring an offense which has score on you at any moment potential a la Jakespeare, but they also possess the potential to flop at any moment.  They aren’t the team to bet on.  If there is a team to go whole hog on this week it is the Buffalo Bills.  They absolutely stunned Kansas City in week 1, and more so they continued their offensive explosion from the end of last season.  Don’t overlook these guys or they will bite you in the ass.

The line for this game is Buffalo Bills -3 ½.  That means Buffalo is favored to win by more than 3 ½ points for those who are unfamiliar with the betting principles.  For a team who put up over 40 points on KC while holding KC to 7 points, this is an easy all-in bet.  Then again, that’s just my two cents worth.


Onto the weekly awards for the Pick’Em league:
Week 1

The "Steve Slaton Doesn’t Belong Here" Award goes to the picker each week who put the most confidence points down on the biggest guarantee that lost.
Winner:  Louisiana Texan had the worst beat putting 15 points on Cleveland to beat Cincinnati who were 6.5 point underdogs.  Ouch.  Then again, this game comes up twice in the awards.  Speaking of Cleveland losing to Cincinnati…

The "Sage Rosenfels Rosencopter" Award goes to the picker(s) each week who join together to pick the "sure thing" of the week and manage to get it wrong anyways.
Winner:  Everyone.  Every damn one of us picked Cleveland over Cincinnati and we all have learned our lesson.  The Bengals didn’t bungle this one, and Andy Dalton looks better than Colt McCoy.  Just like old times.

The "Rex Grossman Fuck It I'm Going Deep" Award goes to the picker each week who goes with the most confidence points on the biggest underdog that wins.
Winner:  Fuzion’s Follies.  Yeah, I went 16 points, whole mutha frikkin hog, on Buffalo to beat Kansas City.  Optimistic Pessimist came in a close 2nd with 15 points on Buffalo.

The "Andre Johnson Beast Mode" Award goes to the picker who takes home the most points each week.
Winner:  Texanmaniac who ended the week with 115 points picking 11 out of 16 games correctly.  Not a bad showing at all.

The "Arian Foster Pterodactyl Screech" Award goes to the picker who picks the most games correctly each week regardless of total confidence points.
Winner:  Fuzion’s Follies with 12 correct picks out of 16 for a total of 99 points and good for third place.

The "Bryan Braman Made The Team" Award goes to the picker each week who makes the most points on the fewest number of correct picks.  Making the most of your chances!
Winner:  The Night Owl and do both with 9 picks correct and 96 points to show for them.  Both are tied for 8th place currently.

The "First Pick for the Houston Texans is David Carr" Award goes to the team who simply picked the fewest amount of games right.  It’s kinda like curling up in a ball when you see D Linemen coming your way.
Winner:  BarryfromTexas managed 6 out of the 16 games correctly, and yet…

The "Frank Bush Vanilla" Award goes to the picker who ends up with the fewest points, but picks the most games correctly.  Talk about making as little as possible from your chances.
Winner:  Greatest Show on Paper managed an astute 9 out of 16 games correctly, but also managed to come away with only 66 points, two points behind BarryfromTexas who only nailed 6 games right.

The "Gary Kubiak WannaBe" Award goes to the picker(s) who pick exactly half of the games correctly making them simply mediocre.
Winner:  ketchuppants7, oilertexan diehard, Houston Oilers, LilDickyJustice all ended up the week at 8-8.  Sound familiar?

The "I Drank The Kool-Aid" Award goes to the picker(s) who put the most confidence points on the Houston Texans to win.
Winner:  Terms of Enrampagement, The Night Owl, do, Rip's House, USMC_Texas, LouisianaTexan, Freddie Mercury's Mustache, ketchuppants7, DTF's Crazy Notions, oilertexan diehard, southpaw70, The Balloon Knots, Determined to Fail, Papabear, LilDickyJustice, BarryfromTexas all put down 16 on the Texans to beat the Colts

The "Never Going To Hear The End Of It" Award goes to the pickers who pick against the Texans, and for fun I'm going to include how many confidence points they put on the opposition so we can all laugh at them mercilessly.
Losers:  Jamkel with 11 points on Indy and peytonsurdaddy with 16 points on Indy.  All I have to say is 5Head's injured, I hope he gets better soon because DAMN the Colts suck without him.

There will be two more awards next week as well, so stay tuned.


Current Top 7:
1)    Texanmaniac – 115
2)    Paulel1959 – 100
3)    Fuzion’s Follies – 99
4)    Terms of Enrampagement – 99
5)    Cake – 98
6)    SpacemanSpilfs Jazz Hands Inc. – 98
7)    RaY210 – 98

So how did the pickers fair against the supposed "experts" from ESPN?

Top 3 ESPN Analyst Pickers:
1)    Adam Schefter – 11-5
2)    Seth Wickersham – 11-5
3)    Ron Jaworski – 10-5 (Jaworski does not pick MNF games he commentates on)

Top 7 BRB Pickers by Record:
1)    Fuzion’s Follies – 12-4
2)    Texanmaniac – 11-5
3)    Paulel1959 – 11-5
4)    Terms of Enrampagement – 11-5
5)    SpacemanSpilfs Jazz Hands Inc. – 11-5
6)    Rip’s House – 11-5
7)    Freddie Mercury’s Mustache – 11-5

I also want to go on record as stating Mortensen only managed 8-8 on the week.  Pretty bad for a guy who gets paid for this kind of thing.

Good luck to all of our pickers heading into Week 2.  There are plenty of interesting games, some which will be hard to pick one way or the other.

Also, if you have any good suggestions for renaming any of the awards, feel free to put them in the comments.  It's 9:15AM and I worked from 11pm til 7AM, but I wanted to get this post up.  So yeah, these are the sacrifices I make for BRB!


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