BRB 2011 Pick 'Em Week 1 results and awards

Greetings all, here are the standings, results and awards for week one performances in the BRB Pick 'Em league after the jump!

Week 1 winner of the Andre Johnson Ass-Kicking and Excellence award is Fuzion's Follies with a week one record of 12-4. Congratulations Fuzion!


"Should've Put Money On It" Game of the Week: 30 of 31 pickers chose New England over Miami

"We Know Nothing" Game of the Week: No one wins it this week because 0 out of 31 pickers chose Cincinnati to upset Cleveland which obviously means we know nothing.

Sippin' on Battle Red Drank: Sixteen people put the maximum 16 points on Houston to destroy (I mean beat) the Colts

Hidin' Out In the Back of the Meeting Hall: peytonsyurdaddy and Jamkel were the only ones foolish brave enough to pick the Colts over your Houston Texans. Of course we all know peytonsurdaddy as a great contributor to our blog even though he's a Colts fan. Not sure if the same can be said for Jamkel or if he was just going for the next award on our list!

The Rex Grossman "F**k It, I'm Goin' Deep" Award: We have our first multiple award winner of the season and it's Fuzion's Follies who put down 16 points on Buffalo to defeat Kansas City who was a 6.0 point favorite. Honorable mention goes to Optimistic Pessimist who put down 15 confidence point on the same outcome. Great job guys!

The David Carr Misguided Faith Award: Since I'm new at this I hope I'm awarding this award for the right purpose. Optimistic Pessimist wins this one since he was the only person to put down a whopping 16 points to pick Miami to beat the Patriots. If I got the definition of this award wrong sorry :( If I got it right then I say Good try OP!!

The Charley Casserly Decision Making Award: This one goes to BarryfromTexas with a week one record of 6-10. I'm sure he is just trying to lull everyone into a false sense of security before unleashing (insert your favorite thing here) on all of us!

Week one wrap up

BRBer with the best weekly record: Fuzion's Follies 12-4

BRBer with the most weekly points: Texanmaniac 115 points

Overall best record: Fuzion's Follies 12-4 has a one game lead over 6 other pickers

Overall points leader: Texanmaniac has a 15 point lead over paule1959

Top-Five BRB Pick 'Em League (by record)

1. Fuzion's Follies 12-4; 99 points (t-3rd)

2. Texanmaniac 11-5; 115 points (1st)

3. paule1959 11-5; 100 points (2nd)

4. Terms of Enrampagement 11-5; 99 points (t-3rd)

5. Spaceman Spilfs Jazz Hands Inc. 11-5; 98 points (t-4th)


Don't forget picks need to be in by 5 minutes before the first game of the weekend! Good luck!

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