Madden Preview of Week 2 HOU vs MIA as played by Taco Joe

Ok, well since I haven't seen DreKeem do one of these, I will bring it back. Yes I know I should let the computer play itself but that is boring and I like having something to do. So the settings for all games will be with Gameflow on, 6 min qts. accel clock on down to 25 secs. Weather will be random, played on All Pro (due to the difficulty level increase it is fair). Up to the last update rosters in effect. With being able to save video I will try to do a highlight of all major plays. So without further ado Jump to get the game on!

1st Qt: I choose tails lose, dolphins choose to receive

Rackers kicks off Bess kneels for TB

1-10 MIA 20: Handoff to Reggie Bush, Tackle for a loss by Barwin 2-15 MIA 15: Incomplete pass to Brian Hartline3-15: Henne Pass to Bess tackle by Demeco Ryans gain of 13 4-2:  Punt Jones catches at the 28, returned for 3 yds.

1-10 HOU 31: Pass to Foster for a gain of 7 yds. 2-3: Pass to Owen Daniels for a gain of 1 yd. 3-2: Arian Foster run for five yards first down. 1-10 HOU 44: Foster run for 6 yds. 2-4: Foster gain of 1. 3-3: Pass to J. Dreessen for 16 yds first down. 1-10 MIA 33: Foster run for 4 yds. 2-6: Foster run for 1 yd. 3-5:  pass to Andre Johnson for 11 yds and a 1st down. 1-10 MIA 17:  pass to Foster for 7 yds. END OF 1st QT

2nd QT:

2-3 MIA 10: Foster runs for 6 yds and a first down. 1-G MIA 4: Foster runs 4 yds TD! PAT GOOD:


Rackers Kickoff, Bess kneels for TB.

1-10 MIA 20: Pass complete to B. Hartline for 1 yd. 2-9: Reggie Bush runs for -1 Tackle by JJ Watt and S. Cody, injured on play. 3-10: Brandon marshal catch for 40 yds over K. Jackson first down. 1-10 HOU 40: Catch by B. Marshal for 14 yds first down. 1-10 HOU 26: Run by D. Thomas no gain Tackle by G. Quin 2-10: Run by thomas for 7 yds. 3-3: Run by Thomas for 3 yds tackle by G. Quin first down. 1-10 HOU16: Thomas run for 7 yds tackle by Manning 2-3: SACK by McCain loss of 8 yds! 3-11: SACK by A. Smith loss of 8. 4-18: 41 yd field goal by D. Carpenter Good!


Carpenter Kickoff TB

1-10 HOU 20: Foster Screen pass 27 yds and first down. 1-10 HOU 47: Pass to Dreesen for 7 yds TO called 0:32 left. 2-3: Incomplete pass 3-3: Incomplete pass. 4-3 Punt by Hartman TB

1-10 MIA 20: Run by Thomas for 6 yds. END OF HALF


Carpenter Kickoff, S. Slaton returns for 24 yds out of endzone

1-10 HOU 24: Foster runs for loss of 1. 2-11: Daniels catch for 14 yds and first down. 1-10 HOU 37: Incomplete pass. 2-10: Catch by J. Jones for 4 yds. 3-6: Catch by A. Johnson for 5 yds. 4-1: Run by Foster for 1 yd and first down. 1-10 HOU 47: Catch by A. Johnson for 15 yds and first down. 1-10 MIA 37: Run by Foster no gain. 2-10: Run by Foster no gain. 3-10: Catch by J. Jones for 13 yds and first down. 1-10 MIA 24: Incomplete pass dropped by J. Jones. 2-10: Incomplete pass. 3-10: Catch by D. Ward for 11 yds and first down. 1-10 MIA 13:Run by Foster 3 yds and injured on the play.2-7: Ward runs for 1 yd. 3-6: Catch by K. Walter for 7 yds Touchdown Texans. PAT GOOD

HOU 14-3 MIA

Rackers Kick off TB

1-10 MIA 20: Thomas rush for -1 yd Tackle Mario Williams. END OF QT.

4th QT.

2-11: Pass deflected by K. Jackson. 3-11: SACK JJ Watt loss of 7 yds. 4-18: Punt to HOU 40 return by J. Jones for 10 yds.

1-10 50: Catch by Dreesen for 8 yds. 2-2: Foster rush for 3 yds and first down. 1-10 MIA 39: Foster run 3 yds. 2-7: Catch by O. Daniels for 14 yds and first down.1-10 MIA 22: Foster runs for 3 yds. 2-7: Foster Runs for 19 yds and first down. 1-G MIA 3: Run Foster 3 yds Touchdown TEXANS! PAT GOOD

HOU 21-3 MIA

Rackers kickoff Bess returns for 17 yds.

1-10 MIA 17: Incomplete Pass. 2-10: Incomplete pass 3-10: Incomplete pass 4-10: Punt FC

1-10 HOU 44: Foster runs -1 yd. 2-11: Foster runs for 3 yds. 3-8:  A. Johnson catch for 14 yds and first down 1-10 MIA 39: Foster loss of 1. 2-11:Incomplete pass 3-12: Catch A. Johnson for 10 yds. TIME EXPIRES!


HOU 21-3 MIA


M. Schaub 112.6 QBR, 18/24 197yds 75% 1TD

A. Foster 19 carries 59 yds 3.1YPC 2 TDS 

A. Johnson 5-55yds 

J. Dreesen 3-31

O. Daniels 3-31

J. Jones 2-18

D. Ward 2-18

A. Foster 2-34

K. Walter 1-10


I will say, Miami's front line was putting pressure on me most of the game, (yes i know madden isn't IRL shut up)  thus why so many incompletes getting the pass off just before getting hit. I was surprised no one had an INT kinda disappointed. Well there is my write up hopefully you enjoyed it leave comments and stuff. 

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