Who to Root For - Week 2



Keeping the series going in Week 2, there are 7 AFC games worth keeping an eye on. Last week we got 3 of 7 in our favor. Let's review this week's after the jump:

Kansas City at Detroit - Although the Chefs looked quite terrible last week, they are still a possible threat in a weak division. This is a classic AFC vs NFC matchup against a Lions team that is loaded with talent and highly underrated.

Root For: The Motor City

Oakland at Buffalo - Believe it or not, both of these teams won last week. People are sleeping on the Bills this year due to their terribleness in recent years, but Buffalo has improved many areas and Fitzpatrick is playing smart football. Unfortunately for them, they play in the AFC east. The Raiders remain a wildcard threat due to the weakness of their division with only San Diego being a real contender.

Root For: Da Bills

Baltimore at Tennessee - Winning the division is priority number 1 for the Texans, so division rivals must fall. The tits looked terrible getting beat by Luke McCown last week while the Ravens face stomped the Steelers unexpectantly. The tits are finding out that Hasselbeck doesn't "just win games".

Root For: Ray "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" Lewis

Cleveland at Indianapolis - Although after getting embarrassed in Houston last week, most of the media and fanbase are completely writing off the Colts for the rest of the season, I think Stella will eventually get part of her groove back. With that being said, all division rivals must fall. Let's make it two McCoys winning this weekend.

Root For: The Dog Pound

Jacksonville at NY Jets - The Glitterkitties managed to win with a 3rd stringer as their starting QB, but the Foot loving Jets won't allow the running lanes the tits gave them last week. Although I hate giving Rex Ryan any reason to gloat to the media after a game, all division rivals must fall.

Root For: well pedicured feet and QBs that are in GQ

Seattle at Pittsburgh - After giving away 7 turnovers last week and being throughly face stomped by their division rival, the Steelers will be looking to take out their sexual fustration on an absolutely terrible Seattle team. Its a rematch of Super Bowl XL, except the Steelers won't need to buy off a referee for this game. Seattle not sucking would be in our best interest but that's going to take a near miracle

Root For: Flying SeaRats

San Diego at New England - In a battle of AFC contenders, both of these teams will threaten the playoff hopes of the Texans. Tom Terrific won't throw for 500 yards on this defense, but he will still get his. NE is still the team to beat in the AFC right now, so vote for the lesser of two evils.

Root For: Ron Burgundy's Classy Chargers

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