Keys For Texans Dub-Ya

This weekends game against the neighbors to the east, is a Huge, Gia-normous early season test. With the difficult stretch of games ahead. This is the first of the "Must Win Games".  If this years team can get out to a fast start, the Sky is the limit, and it will put to rest any National doubt. 

 If you have family/friends that resembles mine, you most likely have some sort of ties to New Orleans. Fishing, Casino's, Oil Work , Great Food, Mardi Gras... New Orleans is the guy next door with his music on 24/7 doing the Charlie Sheen. You like to hang out on the weekends, but then there are those moments of.... well you know what I mean, if you have family/friends like mine. 

I even cheered when Tracy Porter Pick 6'd Manning.  Did you not? 

Lets get to it, The Keys to victory this weekend .


Defensive Side of the Ball



    This is a must, for the newly revamped secondary to stand its biggest test of the season. There is no other team on the Schedule that can Air it out like Breezy and his Minons.  The Front Seven will have to apply pressure and keep their hands up(Had 3 Pass deflections vs. MIA) to keep the Shorter Brees from having a big day.





If the little guy has a big day, it could really spell for a bad afternoon. Sproles has been quite simply the same exciting player he was in San Diego. The much critiqued Celebrated departed of Reggie, has turned out best for the Saints. Who got rid of an overpaid pre madona, and replaced him with a more compatible player.


  • Keeping the YPCarry low.


Being able to put a damper on the Saints running game is going to be a concern for most folks. Seeing how the Saints were able to take large chunks of time and yards vs the bears in the running game. Allowing then to control the time of possession, and eventually the game has all the potential to be bad. The Inside Linebackers not named Brain Cushing need to step up. Demeco was far from 2009 form, and when spelled by Sharpton or Dobbins the postion never looked very solid. <I am refusing to mention the postion of scorn, for neither player has played very well to this point>

Offensive Side of the Ball


  • Red Zone Scoring 


A year ago the Texans did something never before seen in Houston, Scored in the Red Zone... A Lot. Last week the team regressed to a more familiar form of FG's from the 23, 22, 36. All red zone possessions. If that trend happens this week against the Saints, <Shudders> If the Texans find pay dirt on those drives, the game is a blow out, and over by half. The Texans couldn't let us live life that glorious could they? Putting the Ball in the Endzone this week will gives us all a little less heart ache. Rackers is Money, but I'll take money for one point instead of three.


  • Winning the Turnover Battle 


Teh Shuab keeps his inadvertent  Int's in his pocket, then the Texans Stand a good chance of again, winning this very important stat. Amazing how this one component of the game is so vital, but it is, and we must win the battle or lose the war. I realize this point might as easily be incorporated on the Defensive side, but It isn't.


  • Mental Mistakes 


There is nothing that kills a good buzz drive, like repeated false starts or a Eric Winston holding call. Talk about taking points off the board, keeping out of 2nd-3rd and long will be vital to keeping Teh Shuab on his feet. Shaub has been given ample time to throw the ball around the park in the previous two games (even though he hasn't been forced to), granted when pressured he drops like a Giants player being Sniper'd at the 5

Put all these things together and the Texans have a really good shot at coming out of this Bayou Bash on top.  

A little Early but my Score Prediction is  Houston 27   New Orleans 17.

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