BRB Pick'em League Round-Up - Week 2

So week 2 was an interesting week for the NFL and for the BRB Pick’Em League.  I’m posting this a tadbit later this week, and I apologize, but at least it’s made it up!  Haha.  I was pretty happy to see the responses and overall satisfaction with the Week 1 Round-Up, and I hope to continue the trend of enjoyable reading with this week’s Round Up.  Please follow with me after the jump (I don’t know why I put this like this, but it’s how I roll).

Game of the Week:

I could easily choose any team facing Kansas City as the pick of the week, because well the Chiefs look like they’ve already scheduled Super Bowl viewing parties with their friends.  They just look bad, real bad.  I’m not picking the Chargers and Chiefs as my Game of the Week, though.  This week showcases a match-up that should delight, New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills.

A lot of people will argue the Buffalo Bills aren’t on the same tier as the Pats, and I have to argue otherwise.  Even Coach Sweatshirt has come out and publicly lauded the talents of Buffalo RB Fred Jackson, which leads me to believe Old Sweatshirt is sweating the possibility of a loss and is trying to make amends now.  Buffalo’s offense is explosive, and Fred Jackson has proven he’s legit.  Their defense isn’t one to overlook either.  I think this season they take the next step and their division (yeah, I went there).  But this week they face the New England Patriots.

The Pats post the most explosive offense in the NFL.  Tom Brady currently holds the NFL lead for most yards by a QB, and something tells me he’s going to go all out for this game as well.  I expect to see a lot of yards, a lot of TDs, and of course a lot of points for both teams.  Neither defense is good enough to stop the other team’s offense, so I’m going go out on a limb and say final score is…

Buffalo 41 Patriots 38

But I certainly wouldn’t put money on this one.

Onto the weekly awards for the Pick’Em league:

Week 2

The "Steve Slaton Doesn’t Belong Here" Award goes to the picker each week who put the most confidence points down on the biggest guarantee that lost.

Winner:  This week saw a major upset with Baltimore getting absolutely owned by the Titans, and this game pops up more than once this week in our awards.  Even still, there were a few select individuals who had the hashtag applied #KubiakBelievesInYou.  LouisianaTexan, LordGav1n, Optimistic Pessimist, Jamkel, The Balloon Knots, He Thinks He’s People, Death_By_Ninja all put 16 points on 6 point favorites Baltimore to hand it to the Titans, and paid the price.

The "Sage Rosenfels Rosencopter" Award goes to the picker(s) each week who join together to pick the "sure thing" of the week and manage to get it wrong anyways.

Winner:  Everyone.  This is becoming a trend it seems.  Every damn one of us picked Baltimore to beat the Titans.  Not a single person had the balls to think the Titans could even offer Baltimore a challenge (on a side note, the lowest confidence points placed on this game was 6 by Terms of Enrampagement), and hell nobody really thought Tennessee would pose a challenge to the Ravens.  Maybe next week somebody will go out on a limb on the sure thing of the week and avoid a three for three start to the season.

The "Rex Grossman F*** It I'm Going Deep" Award goes to the picker each week who goes with the most confidence points on the biggest underdog that wins.

Winner:  peytonsurdaddy and Greatest Show on Paper both went 11 confidence points on 3 point underdog Tampa Bay to beat Minnesota.

The "Andre Johnson Beast Mode" Award goes to the picker who takes home the most points each week.

Winner:  Papabear and do took everyone to school this week taking home 123 points out of a possible 136.  These two showed they have what it takes to be the next BRB Pick’Em League Champion, but can they continue their rolls?

The "Arian Foster Pterodactyl Screech" Award goes to the picker who picks the most games correctly each week regardless of total confidence points.

Winner:  Papabear takes home this award for this week.  He simply outshone everybody picking only a single game incorrectly (damn Baltimore).  Seriously, this guy deserves mad props going 15-1 on the week, that’s absurd.

The "Bryan Braman Made The Team" Award goes to the picker each week who makes the most points on the fewest number of correct picks.  Making the most of your chances!

Winner:  Terms of Enrampagement claims the honors this week.  Only going 9-7 on the week and still managing a rather hefty sum of 107 points on the week.  That’s making the most of your chances!

The "First Pick for the Houston Texans is David Carr" Award goes to the team who simply picked the fewest amount of games right.  It’s kinda like curling up in a ball when you see D Linemen coming your way.

Winner:  AJ_is_King and  LouisianaTexan decided they wanted to share this award and one more award by going 8-8, you can see where this one is headed.

The "Gary Kubiak WannaBe" Award goes to the picker(s) who pick exactly half of the games correctly making them simply mediocre.

Winner:  AJ_is_King and Louisiana Texan both share this award, as apparently just sharing the David Carr award wasn’t enough.  Congrats guys, 8-8 is something to be proud of…or so I’ve heard.

The "Frank Bush Vanilla" Award goes to the picker who ends up with the fewest points, but picks the most games correctly.  Talk about making as little as possible from your chances.

Winner:  southpaw70 determined striving for Frank Bush status was "in" this season.  He went 12-4, and only managed 95 points.  I will admit this one was a hard choice as there were some others who had Bush in mind while preparing their picks this past week.

The "I Drank The Kool-Aid" Award goes to the picker(s) who put the most confidence points on the Houston Texans to win.

Winner:  Papabear, DTF’s Crazy Notions, Determined to Fail, USMC_Texans, ketchuppants7, LilDickyJustice, Rip’s House, NoMassiveDt’sNeeded, deanster, TheNaturals, Greatest Show on Paper, Freddie Mercury’s Mustache, BarryfromTexas, southpaw70, The Night Owl and AJ_is_King all bought into the Kubillips era and went 16 points on the Texans over the Dolphins.

The "Never Going To Hear The End Of It" Award goes to the pickers who pick against the Texans, and for fun I'm going to include how many confidence points they put on the opposition so we can all laugh at them mercilessly.

Losers:  Nobody.  Everybody this week bought in at least a little, but I still have to give the award to somebody.  This week the award goes to the picker who put the FEWEST points on the Texans to win…none other than Cake with a whopping 3 points on the Texans.  He’s never going to hear the end of this one…

I teased ya’ll last week with the announcement of two more awards being added to the mix, and here they are.

The "Super Mario Williams Super Mushroom" Award goes to the picker each week who takes the mushroom and grows the most cajones, or simply the picker who improves the most over the previous week.

Winner:  Houston Oilers improved 43 points over week 1’s showing, going from 74 points in Week 1 to 117 points in Week 2.  Somebody whip out the drug tests!

The "Shaun Cody Needs To Go" Award is awarded to the picker who decides to be the opposite of the Super Mario Award winner, and goes from impressive to sucktacular in one week of football.

Winner:  LordGav1n simply deserves this honor, dropping nearly an entire game’s worth of points from Week 1 to Week 2, going from 91 points in Week 1 to a simply sad showing of 76 points in Week 2.  Ouch.  Careful, you might be replaced by Earl Mitchell!

Current Top 6:

1)    Texanmaniac – 229 – maintaining his dominance over the league
2)    do – 219
3)    Cake - 217
4)    RaY210 - 210
5)    Feces Flingers - 207
6)    Terms of Enrampagement - 206

So how did the pickers fair against the supposed "experts" from ESPN?

Top 3 ESPN Analyst Pickers:

1)    Golic – 14-2
2)    Hoge, Schefter, Schlereth – 13-3
3)    Ron Jaworski – 13-2 (Jaworski does not pick MNF games he commentates on)

Top 3 BRB Pickers by Record for Week 2:

1)    Papabear – 15-1
2)    Tango Tantrums – 14-2
3)    DTF’s Crazy Notions – 14-2

There were 4 or 5 other pickers who had 13-3.

Papabear once again proves the BRB faithful know more about the NFL than the NFL experts do.  Well done, Papabear.

We bid adieu to the BRB Pick’Em League as they ride off into the sunset for Week 3.  Who will return victorious and claim the Beast Mode award?  Who will return with their heads hung low claiming the Shaun Cody Needs to Go award?  Check back in next week to find out!

And by popular request to sign-up follow instructions below:

Go to:

Group ID#:     36175
Group Password     pancakes


And a challenge for those who are interested.  Come up with an award and enter it into the comments.  It needs to be a new award, not a last season classic.  If your award is chosen (by me, your wonderful unbiased judge) I will include it in the weekly awards for every week of the season remaining (and playoffs).  This challenge will be repeated each week, however, this is the only week which will see the award repeated week after week.  So get your creative juices flowing and your thinking caps on and prove you have the mettle and the "high motor".

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