Who to Root For - Week 3



Its week 3 of our installment, and its still a little early to figure out who the biggest threats to our playoff hopes are(other than the Texans themselves no doubt). There are 8 AFC games on the docket this week worth keeping an eye on:

Jacksonville at Carolina - Its the battle of rookie QBs. The difference being one of them has been getting reps since training camp began and looked decent in two starts, the other has been a 3rd stringer playing behind Luke McCown before now.  It will be a heavy dose of MJD against a horrible Carolina run defense but I think in the end Cam will have his way with a poor Jacksonkitty secondary.

Root For: Vick lite and the thundercats

New England at Buffalo - I doubt many in July saw this matchup as the possible game of the week, but such is the NFL when both undefeated teams meet today. Tom Terrific takes on the #1 offense in the league.......the Buffalo Bills? Ya I know, it sounds about as logical as Mike Tyson on a debate team, but the Pats are the biggest threat here.

Root For: Delicious Buffalo Wings

Miami at Cleveland - As most of us who watched the last Texans game can atest to, the Dolphins are not nearly as bad as their record indicates. Although their changes are getting slim, they could still be a wildcard threat if they got their act together. The Browns aren't quite there yet, although Colt McCoy has been better than most expected.

Root For: McCoy and the Dogpound

Denver at Tennessee - After looking like garbage the first week against the glitterkitties, the tits came back and out physicalled a good Baltimore team. You just never know which Matt Hasselbeck is going to show up. They remain the biggest threat to a division title. Tebow Jesus played some WR last week, perhaps they can try him at defensive back this week.

Root For: Tebow Jesus and Charlie from Candy Mountain

Baltimore at St. Louis - After last week's shocking loss, I think Ray Lewis will be looking to take some sexual fustration out on Sam Bradford and the Rams. Baltimore remains a playoff threat and likely will be most of the year. A throwback to the greatest show on turf would be the most benefical outcome for us.

Root For: Sam Bradford (its hard to do that isn't it UT fans?)

NY Jets at Oakland - This is ging to be a better game than most would have thought a couple weeks ago. The Men in Black were 1 play away from being 2-0 last week while the NY Foot lover's weren't really tested against a poor Jacksonville performance. I think both QBs will spend some time on their backs in this gameand I like Oakland's running game better.

Root For: The Black Hole

Kansas City at San Diego - KC finds themselves firmly in the driver's seat of the Suck for Luck while The Chargers are coming off a tough loss to Tom Terrific. San Diego will most likely win that division, but if not, will be a wildcard threat. KC really has no prayer, but perhaps they could make a few and hope for a miracle.

Root For: Divine Intervention

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis - It really is awesome seeing the faces on Colt fans when they pan the stands. Those poor bastards haven't known that feeling in 13 years. They are finally finding out what happens when the other 21 guys you put on the field suck. Pittsburgh will remain a playoff contender in a fight with Baltimore for that division. As unlikely as it it, a Colt victory is actually in our favor here.

Root For: Magic stem cells putting Humpty Dumpty back together again

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