Foster >Tate =Debate?

As far as I am concerned there is no debate. The Answer is clear, and was given to us in full example in Sundays loss at the Super Dome.... No Matter how well Weeble was hidden in the first couple games,  the Saints knew exactly where the Texans are soft spots were. ...How my glass of Optimism was emptied before the game was over. The good, the bad and the undebatable.  


Really only one stat comes to mind while watching this game    MOAR  TOUCHDOWNS.  

The Texans have started off really strong in the first three games this season. Similar to last year is the record, and a problem emerging. Last Year that problem was Ole, as well as a One Half team. 3-4 games into the season winning record, but a major glaring issue. This year, we have been graced by the Quite Possibly Magical Portly being himself. Wade Phillips, who in a glance has definitely made progress. If The  Texans produce TD's 2/3% MOAR in the RedZone during the last two games, they are up 3 full scores on both opponents. This week, a better team made us Bleach it.

Red zone FG's will huant this team, meaning Tate as great has been his performances, is not the Endzone nosed twitter toes Arian Foster. Who has an uncanny, nay, eery effect on opposing defenses.  Whether it is as a play action receiver, or just finding the impossible, or seemingly wide open, lanes to run the ball. Floats like a butterfly and hits the hole like a Mack trucking down a mountain pass. <Insert any other analogies to describe the effect in our eyes>

This most definitely put to rest any argument of why Arian Foster is so important to this team. After the ball was given over to Teh Shuab with 2 and change on the clock to manufacture a game winning, career defining drive. With Dre being triple-quadruple covered, and Teh Shuab just kept looking his way, This is where Foster would of been worth his weight in Rhodium<Yeah I looked it up>, catching passes out of the backfield, keeping the linebackers true, allowing the TE's and Dre to continue Wrecking Havoc on that Saints Secondary. 

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda......MOAR BLEACH..... oh okok Less Bleach.

Did you see the Colts Steelers Game.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....   I did.....n't 


Grade A

DRE- Throw three people at him or he will run all over you. <Insert Trucking Picture here>

THOR- What can you say, Duct tape is even Jealous. 

MECO/CUSH- Definitely made improvements, hopefully we continue to see MOAR as the D is absorbed. 

ANTONIO- This is the guy we signed those years back. 


Rackers- The guy is a Pink Floyd re-incarnation...Money!!

No Rest for the Weary; Steelers, Raiders Ravens.  This season is not going to get any easier.

May the Roller Coaster Continue. 

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