Keys for a Texans Dub- Ya

Hooray, I just wrote this entire article, worked my way through all the terrible phrases and misplaced letters. Only to have it all go to waste, the entire article went gone gone in the digital universes, never to be heard from again.

Having no idea how to perfectly replicate the original artwork of words and sentences. Other then, in Future Occurrences SAVE THE F#*$(*% FILE. 

So on my Second, Second attempt at predictions and Pints Points of emphasis.... Steelers, Can't stand the Fans I have no family any where near the region as well they have quite the history with what was a Houston Franchise. 


In truth I genuinely don't like Steelers Fans, most have no affiliation with the team, or city. Most only come out of closets when the playoffs start, then STEELER NATION..... Ducking Cake Mix. Weak Sauce...Bleach Me. 

I have recently watched every Steelers, Texans play this season. Costing the company I work for many hours of man labor not do my job. These are my observations with out interference of media. 

Offensive Musts's's


  1. Protecting Teh Shaub  When pressured Matt Shaub has a wonderful tendency of throwing into coverage. This is a habit every Texan fan despises. Kubiak has not had the best history against the 3-4, heres hoping of having a 3-4 to practice against daily helps. Keep Teh Shuab vertical and it will serve best for winning the Turnover Battle.  
  2. Second Option to Dre  Arian Foster Changes the dynamic of this offense, his presense alone will change coverages. TE Owen Daniels needs to have a big game, as well as Duct Tape player James "THOR" Casey, to keep the coverage true. Signing Obi1 from the practice squad is in instant upgrade at the RB3 postion. 
  3. Scoring Touchdowns What else can be said other then MOAR TOUCHDOWNS, We score we win, we don't it makes all fans a nervous wreck the next couple hours. 

These all seem like pretty simple solutions, yet each has complicated terms to solve the equation of HOU > PITT = W. Lets keep moving along with this little golden nugget of knowledge. 
Defensive Dominance

  1. Raping Rapers Unleash the front seven, send blitz packages and DL Stunts until next Wednesday . Put the Pressure on and he will turn it over, just like a underage stripper. When the Steelers turn the ball over it is one player in particular that does it. 
  2. Making Plays When First contact is established that player needs to allow the rest of the team to swarm, or have a solid solo tackle. The Steelers will bring extra RB swings and under routes this week, so the first person to the ball needs to make a play, wrapping up or holding up for reinforcements. 
  3. Holding a Lead  Houston has put a lead on the opponent every week this season. This will happen yet again this weekend, seeing how they respond against a Semi Potent Offense will be a big test. The Steelers are not the Saints, and really have only two options Wallace, Mendenhal <I'm not checking to see if it is spelled right> Once the Lead is established It must be the Defense that wins this game. 



As I said the original copy was lost to Tron, I didn't really have all my heart set into the back up copy. As well as I now have double the work I had procrastinated all day to do. Well, Prediction Time


Houston 31 Pittsburgh 24. 

Steelers score a late one, but with no avail the game is out of hand. I think I will buy some Rolling rock this week, so I can down the Steelers on my own accord. Off to Collect some money, Its officially what I do.


PS. The Video is of a Good Homeboy, Colby Bright from Montgomery, Tx. His Phrase LETS GO, I am incorporating. 

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