Adventures in Fantasy Football Land







I tried doing this last year, but I'm a lazy bum and ended up only doing one of these.  But the purpose of this fanpost is to provide a place for people to discuss anything related to fantasy football.  Who to sit/start, best waiver wire pick ups, match-ups to exploit and etc.


We all know that you can survive a horrible draft by being active on the waiver wire. There are plenty of players out there that can supplant your under-performing starters.  Here are some that you should take note of, or consider picking up if you want to solidify your bench.



Kyle Orton

Andy Dalton

Mark Sanchez

Rex Grossman

Matt Hasselbeck

Sam Bradford


None of these players are worthy of being the only QB on your roster, but the bye weeks are just around the corner and these guys will be gone quick. If you wanna get a jump on the competition, or you just wanna be a douche, pick one of them up.  If you have a starting QB that you don't think will put up good numbers this coming Sunday, I'd go with Andy Dalton.  He's a rookie, I know.  But he and A.J. Green are starting to get into the swing of things. He also has a very reliable target in Jermaine Gresham.



Kendall Hunter

Isaac Redman

Bernard Scott

Michael Bush

Stevan Ridley


With Frank Gore banged up and Cedric Benson suspended, you can expect Kendall Hunter and Bernard Scott to carry the full load for their respective teams. Redman and Bush are flex starts at best, but I would go with Bush if you're thinking about starting a RB in place of your under-performing starter(I'm looking at you Mendenhall and CJ1.5YPC).


Torrey Smith

Victor Cruz

David Nelson

Eric Decker

Nate Washington


If you weren't able to put a waiver wire claim for Torrey Smith on Sunday night, then you've probably missed out on him already.  That's what you get for being so damn slow.  Only reason that I have Nate Washington here is because of Kenny Britt's season ending injury(BFD is out there somewhere crying his heart out). He's been a reliable target for Hasselbeck.  And now that Britt is gone, expect his targets to increase by a handful.  Will he step in and put up the same numbers as Britt?  No way.  But the opportunity is there.



Scott Chandler

Jeff King

Fred Davis

Greg Olsen

James Casey


Casey's gone for sure.  But Olsen are Davis are sure to be there.  Unless you have Jermichael Finley, Owen Daniels, Vernon Davis or Jimmy Graham, you should be looking at match ups instead of playing the same TE every week.  Best 2 out of that list would be Greg Olsen and Fred Davis. The Eagles and The Bears are giving up tons of points to TE's, so expect a double digit day from both.





Tampa Bay


Just like with the TE position, you play this by match up.  Atlanta is going against a flimsy Seattle team, Minnesota is going against a KC team that's having trouble putting up points, and Tampa Bay is going against a Painter-led Colts




If you have any tips out there, or if you're looking for advice, use the comments section below.



How you like them apples, TexansForever


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