Madden Preview: Steelers vs Texans

So another week, another Madden Preview by yours truly. Last week, i was actually starting to smile as I thought that my madden game vs the Saints was coming to fruition. I mean who would have thunk the Texans were making strides against the Saints and actually shutting down Brees. Low and Behold it ended as I thought it would. Saints recorded the W and Houston came home to a 2-1 record. 

But this week is a new week, and we are at home vs. the Steelers who honestly IMO have looked much like a disorganized unit who beats teams they are supposed to, ( Barely i might mark against INDY) and lose to a Real Good team (minus their week against the BE-SFs.) So jump with me for a play by play of my game against that team from philly Pittsburgh.

Steelers win choose to kick

Kickoff returned by Manning 10 yds to the 24

1-10 HOU 24:  Foster Carries for 14 yds tackled by Ike Taylor. 1-10 HOU 38: Catch by James Casey for 1 yd. 2-9: Run by foster for 10 yds. 1-10 HOU 49:  Screen to Foster for 7 yds. 2-3: Sack loss of 7 yds. 3-10: Catch by B. Johnson. 1-10 PIT 39: Catch by Owen Daniels for 5 yds. 2-5:  Catch by Daniels for 2 yards. 3-3:  Draw by Arian Foster loss of 2. 4-5: 51yd FG is good


Kickoff returned by Brown to the 20 hit by Brain Cushing

1-10 PITT 20: Mendenhall tackled for Loss by Mario Williams. 2-14: Sacked by Mario Williams loss of 6 yds. END OF 1st QT

2nd QT:

3-20 PITT 10: Sacked by Antonio Smith Loss of 7 yds. 4-27 PITT 3: Punt returned by Jacoby Jones for16 yds Clipping call.

1-10 PITT 47: Foster runs for 2 yds. 2-8: Catch by Dreesen for 12 yds. 1-10 PITT 34: Sacked for loss of 10 yds. 2-20: Catch by Andre Johnson for 4 yds. 3-16: Incomplete pass. 4-16: 57yd FG is just short.

1-10 PITT 47: Mendenhall runs for 1 yd. 2-9: Pass deflected by Johnathan Joseph. 3-9: Sacked by Connor Barwin for loss of 8. 4-17: Punt returned by Jacoby Jones for 3 yds.

1-10 HOU 20: Incomplete pass. 2-10: Catch by Bryan Johnson for 1 yd. 3-9: Pass incomplete. 4-9: Punt Fair catch called

1-10 PIT 26: by Brown for 12 yds. 1-10 Pit 38: Catch by Heath Miller for 9 yds. 2-in: Sack by Barwin loss of 9 yds. 3-10: 29 yd run by Ben Roethlisberger. 1-10 HOU 32: Run by Hines Ward for no gain. 2-10: Pass defended by Kareem Jackson. 3-10: Sack by Demeco Ryans loss of 7. 4-17: Punt for TB.

1-10 HOU 20: Interception by Allen.

1-10 HOU 26: Jackson breaks up pass. 2-10: 26 yd catch by Hines Ward TD. PAT GOOD.

Hou 3-7 Pitt

Kickoff Returned by Manning to the 26.

1-10 HOU 26: 52 yd catch by Andre Johnson. 1-10 PIT 22: Sack by Troy Polamalu loss of 12. 2-22: 51 yd FG is GOOD.

HOU 6-7 PiTT

Kickoff squib kicked returned by Brown to the 31 HOLDING CALL

1-10 PITT 21: Holding call END OF HALF

3rd QT

Kickoff Returned by Brown to the 16 Tackle by Dominique Barber

1-10 PITT 16: Dropped pass by Ward. 2-10: Mendenhall gain of 8 on the Ground. 3-2: Mendenhall loss of 1. 4-3: Punt Returned by Jones for  10 yds.

1-10 HOU 42: Foster gain of 1. 2-9: Foster Screen for 16 yds. 1-10 PITT 49: Foster catch for 3 yds. 2-7: Andre Johnson catch for 10 yds. Pitt Challenges ruiling OVERTURNED. 3-7: Incomplete pass. 4-7: 56 yd FG is off the crossbar no good.

1-10 PITT 46: Joseph on the tackle on Mendenhall no Gain. 2-10: Wallace catch for 29 yds. 1-10 HOU 25: Meddenhall gain of 3 yds. 2-7: Wallace Rush for 7 yds. 3-in: Catch by Mike Wallace for a gain of 2. 1-10 HOU 14: Catch by Brown for 5 yds. 2-5: Meddenhall rushes for 8 yds TD STEELERS. PAT GOOD


Kickoff returned by Manning to the 24

1-10 HOU 24: INT Troy Polamalu END OF QT

4th QT

1-10 HOU 32: Catch by Wallace for 5 yds. 2-5: Big Ben runs for 5 yds. 1-10 HOU 21: Meddenhal gain of 10 and Injured on the play. 1-10 HOU 11: Pass defended by Troy Nolan. 2-10: Run by Redman for 4 yds. 3-6: Catch by Wallace for 7 yds. TD PITTSBURG PAT GOOD

Hou 6-21 PITT

Kickoff Returned by McManis retured for 19 yds

1-10 HOU 19: Foster runs for 5 yds. 2-5: Catch by Dreesen for 5 yds. 3-in: Jones catch for 6 yds. 1-10 HOU 35: INT Polamalu! (SON OF A BISCUIT EATING MOTHER SUCKING CRACK DEALING FOOL!)

1-10 HOU 36: Run by Redman for 8 yds. 2-2: Redman Runs for 28 yds TD PAT GOOD

Hou 6-28 PITT

Kickoff Returned by McManis to the 20 Holding by Vickers.

1-10 HOU 10: Sack loss for 8 2-18: Jones catch for 40 yds. 1-10 HOU 42: Andre Johnson cath for 49 yds 1-G PITT 9: INCOMPLETE 2-G: Incomplete 3-G: Incomplete 4-G Incomplete pass.

PITT Kneels for WIN

HOU 6- PItt 28

Notes, how the hell did this get out of control? well I didnt get any time to get passes off most of the game. Pitts blitzes overpowered the Line. I dont think Madden takes into account how well houston's :line plays. I am not happy with this outcome, but I will not cheat and play till an outcome is favorable. Oh well guess we have a defensive struggle to watch this weekend. YAY! GO TEXANS!

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