Troll-A-Colts Fan Thread 2011 Edition: Protect Ya' Neck!

Hello, my misguided worshipers of Durga, it's time for our 2011 installment of the Troll-A-Colts Fan smack talking extravaganza! I am peytonsurdaddy, but you may refer to me as PUD seeing that we're such close friends now that I've been sleeping in your basement and peeing on your toilet seat, and I will be your Colts Troll for the week!

I am establishing this thread as a sister-thread to the Ask-A-Colts Fan thread already posted on your front page. Whereas in that thread there are civilized people asking civilized questions about position concerns, statistics and other boring crap, this thread will be dedicated solely to the time-honored tradition of Smack Talk!

Now as much as I'd like this to be a true display of anarchy, we have to establish a couple of ground rules  first.

  1. This is all in good fun. Have fun. Laugh. If you are the kind of person who gets angry when someone says something insulting about your team READ NO FURTHER! Please, click here and visit the other thread and enjoy some real football talk. These comments are only going to anger you.
  2. People are going to respond to your insults with their own insults. If you are one of those people who can dish it out, but you can't take it, this thread isn't for you.
  3. Your site rules and community guidelines are NOT suspended for this thread! I suspect that all the homers here are familiar with what you can and can't say on this site. These rules still apply for the duration of this thread. Please help visiting Colts fans, who are less familiar with the rules, by pointing out the errors of their ways.
  4. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS! Feel free to insult teams, players, coaches, home towns, but please refrain from attacking individual posters. Example of an acceptable insult: So, I heard that Peyton Manning is now a headless corpse covered in unicorn's blood.  Example of an UNacceptable insult: So, I heard your mother likes to cover herself in unicorn blood in an attempt to lure Mario Williams into her bed to impregnate her.
  5. I would like for one of your community, whether it be a mod, writer, or merely a level-headed regular to act as a referee that will let other Texans fans know when they are breaking the rules. I will fill that role for the Colts fans. Volunteers?
  6. Don't ruin this for everybody else by forcing the site moderators to step in and close this thread down.
  7. You can email me if you have a concern that you don't want addressed publicly. My address is listed on my profile.

So, kick back with your favorite bottle of Clorox and watch your favorite group of underachieving cellar-dwellers get roasted alive by a bunch of homeless Texans fans!

Thanks For Participating,


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