What Ravens Fans Are Saying And Why We Might Be Beating, Not Eating, Crow With Talk Of A Win

So, I've been spending some time on Baltimore forums chatting with Ravens fans about our upcoming game. It's interesting to hear what they have to say and I really do enjoy the conversation. For the most part, they're respectful when treated in kind. Of course, I feel there's a sense of tolerance because they feel we don't really have a chance.

In fact, I just made a bet that I'd change my profile pic to me in Ravens gear if we lose on Sunday (they have to wear Texans gear if we win)...though I haven't gotten full acceptance of terms yet. Here is my list of reasons why I felt comfortable making the bet and why, although I feel Ravens fans have reasons to be confident, I think we can/will win. Tell me what you think.

1) Ravens fans keep bringing up the fact that we lost to them in Week 6. Who cares?

  • We didn't have Andre Johnson (the best WR and the heart of our team).
  • Arian Foster had his worst game ever and will NEVER play that way again.
  • We were winning that game until the 3rd quarter when we just tanked.
  • Our defense is even more solid now than it was then.

2) Ravens fans view T. J. Yates as a huge liability.

  • Yates has gotten us to this game.
  • Yates played with a QB rating in the upper 90s last Saturday and seems to thrive under pressure (clutch TD in Cincy?).
  • Joe Flacco is a moderate QB, so Yates doesn't need to be a Brady or Brees.
  • Our offense can keep the physical and mental pressure off Yates if they bring their "A" game.

3) Ravens fans keep touting statistics and records about playing at home and winning against us.

  • Statistics can be used in anyone's favor and records will be broken.
  • We're all about breaking records this year.
  • As far as statistics go, Flacco is an epic fail when it comes to advancing in the playoffs.
  • Stat: We're #2 in defense and they're #3. Sure, we've lost in past years, when our defense was #30.

4) Ravens fans think Ray Rice is better than Arian Foster.

  • Foster has rushed for an average of about 7 more yards per game played than Rice (and that isn't including the time he didn't play when Wade was gone and the new guy pulled him, etc.)...despite having to deal with learning 3 new quarterbacks.
  • Foster has rushed for .01 (lol) more touchdowns per game played than Rice...once again, despite having to deal with learning 3 new quarterbacks.
  • Foster is going to be seeking revenge for his weak play in the Week 6 game against the Ravens.
  • Foster moves like a graceful locomotive. Can there be such a thing? He can switch it up and come back in better than Rice. Okay, this is opinion, but many "experts" agree.
  • Foster has Tate.

5) Ravens think the home advantage/ bye week rest can't be overcome.

  • The pressure on the Ravens is going to be crazy. If they don't make it to/win the Super Bowl this year, it will be seen as a failure. That pressure could break them down and force some mistakes if we keep things close/move ahead.
  • We have the momentum of a playoff win to ride.

  • We managed to make it through our game with no real injuries, so even though the rest would have been nice, we're okay without it.

6) Ravens fans underestimate the magical element around the Texans this year.

  • Texans like being the underdog.
  • We have players that seem to come from nowhere and make big plays in key moments (Say Watt, lol?)
  • We've been told we can't, but we still DO.


Bumped: Nicely done. ~bfd

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