Roller Coasters

Its funny how often your team reminds me of I've said before it has to be the influence of Kubiak...and the way He and Shanny used to direct my team. I actually wrote this post a while back for MHR but after reading it again alls you need to do is change the few key persons you've lost and this could be you. Once again this is not a 'stat' or 'strat' post...but it is something to think about.

Although I was born in Utah, now live in Washington...I am from Idaho. Can't explain why this is--it is simply true. Years ago (well not THAT many years ago) I had twenty acres, a house, great dog (named jake), a couple horses, a family, and a great summer garden. I was up against a mountain about 30 miles north of Coeur d'Alene and about six miles east of what was back then called Henley Aerodome.

Shortly after moving to Spokane, Henley was purchased by someone who had made millions in the silicon high tech revolution, and had dreams of building a theme park. Silverwood was born and many years later is now a world class theme park. What does this have to do with football? Nothing--but I continue--because I must.

The first year it was fun to have something like Silverwood as a novelty out in the no-where of North Idaho. Somewhere around the second or third year, however, they put up this (so they advertised) "The Worlds Largest All Wood Roller Coaster." Imagine that! Out in 'no-where' North Idaho. A couple years later they would put up a thing called, "Tremblers" (I think after the movie) because this even taller coaster went underground like three times. We, that lived in this area, had to learn a new courage--forcing your arms in the air the entire ride. Only, because my two daughters finally shamed me, did I learn this new-found courage. Now, I don't care what roller coaster I ride--I hold my arms and hands in the air and have fun. Is this about football? No, but I'm getting fact I'm there.

This is not a post for the, 'Hot Headed' or the, 'Stat Freak' fan. This is a post for the young and new fan. Techknology has given young fans, and many of us old fans, access to information that we shouldn't even care about--but do.

I've been a Bronco fan since 1962 and spent most of the early years hiding up in the coming hole with my hands and arms down. It was hidious! In the 60's and even the early 70's to be known as a Bronco fan was not right. Funny the world, despite my love for the Broncos, the world loved KC, Oakland and the jets.

This year reminds me of something, not sure what it is--some of it good--some of it bad...and some of it dread. If we hold our arms up entering the tunnel will we lose our arms? No. Is our hopes lost? No, we have a really good team.

To you young fans, on the roller coaster the NFL has created, this is a good team.

This is a funny year, we've lost all our starting HB's and LB's,...How often does that happen? We win in other's house, that have not lost in their house, and lose to the faiders in ours. We have a young, passionate defense that we know nothing about--except their passion. Let's hope their hands and arms are in the air as they enter the tunnel. We have an offense that can score on any team--and the stars are all baby's. Funny us!

All you young Bronco (or Texans) fans out there--love your team! All you young Bronco (or Texans) fans out there this may be a very rough roller coaster ride.

Remember, when you ride a roller coaster, keep your arms and hands high in the air the entire ride.

and have fun.

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