Texans Draft Needs

So it sucks the season's over (did it not fly by?) but lets hope the offseason comes and goes as fast as the 2011-2012 season seems like it did. Like most of our readers, I love the NFL draft. This love has only grown over the years as our team has gotten better and there were less and less gaping holes to fill.

This years draft will be more exciting than ever. Our front office has us in a position of great strength. The possibility of adding even more impact players in the top 3 rounds of the draft makes our squad that more TERRIFYING to the opposition. Not only that but with Wade showing his ability to assess defensive talent (Watt, Reed) and Kubes showing once again that he has a pretty good eye himself (Yates) we are sure to get a couple of new young studs to add to the Texans corral.

Since there is plenty of time to chat it up in between now and the draft, I thought I would ask what my fellow BRB-ers thought our main needs were, because in my opinion: there aren't many. I'll make a jump just to make it easier...


The obvious choices are CB2 and NT. However, I dont see us using a top 3 pick on another rookie CB when the roster is loaded with them right now and I dont see anyone that will be available when we pick that could do better than what we already have. Nor do I see the FO investing anymore money in the secondary through free agency. As far as NT goes, someone must be doing something right in the middle, as our rushing D looked as solid as any I have ever seen. Theres a possibility we could use a top 3 pick there but I just dont see it being our 1st rounder.

Other than that, where is there room on this defense for a player worth picking in the first couple rounds? I see no such opening. Safety? Demps played well I thought. ILB? maybe for depth if Meco cant get back to 100%.


Here is where I see us spending our first two picks, although there is not a ton of room here either. I could see Kubes going one of two ways with our first: WR or OL. If Kubes has his eye on a lineman and he falls to us for some reason I wouldnt be surprised, nor mind if he pulled the trigger. We are lucky to have made it through the season with our whole Oline in tact, with only Brisiel missing minimal time. Other than that I would love to see a guy like Kendall Wright added to our offense. I think Kubes would have a boner drawing plays in his office to integrate him in to both the running and passing game. I could also see him going for more of a future WR1 route with a guy like Dwight Jones or Nick Toon.

Other than those spots I have no clue what to expect come late April. Lets have fun speculating!!!! GO TEXANS!!!

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