Jones, Sanu or Toon? Film Study

Thanks for the feedback on my last post. I feel that the general mood is that Dwight Jones is this community's favorite WR in this draft. However Nick Toon also seems to have his supporters. They are both excellent receivers. I have also made my case for Mohamed Sanu, an intriguing talent out of Rutgers and an underclassmen. So lets take a look at these receivers side by side and compare the aspects of their game.

Dwight Jones: University of North Carolina, Senior

Mohamed Sanu: Rutgers University, Junior

Nick Toon: University of Wisconsin, Senior


Size: Dwight Jones 6'4" 225 lbs, Mohamed Sanu 6'2" 215 lbs, Nick Toon 6'2" 220 lbs

40 Times: Dwight Jones: 4.53s, Mohamed Sanu: 4.50s, Nick Toon: 4.53s

What to take from this: All three of these players have very similar body types, Jones being the largest. Their 40 times are nearly identical. However it should be noted that I have noticed that Sanu has superior game speed to Toon and Jones, clearly out running defenders. However Jones and Toon show a superior ability to shed tackles and become more involved in the screen and run game despite being of similar size to Sanu.

Verdict: Too close to call, Sanu shows better speed than Jones and Toon but is also slightly smaller than the them.

Route Running:

Dwight Jones: Watch the route ran at :17 seconds. Jones runs a simple deep in route designed to beat a Cover 4 defense. He is at the top of the screen. Watch him use his size to gain an inside release on the corner back. He gains separation and slides in between the safety and linebacker. Although the he doesn't pull in the catch ( due in part to the throw), he shows an excellent feel for the defense.

Mohamed Sanu: Watch Sanu break down on his route. He runs up the field and times his route perfectly to gain separation from the defender while also remaining in between the linebacker and safety. Textbook route running.

Nick Toon: The play in question is at 1:14. Watch it fast and then watch the instant replay. Watch him turn the corner back around almost in a 360. He then proceeds up field on a deep out. He beats his man and stays in front of the safety to pull in the catch. Impressive.

Verdict: I like the route running shown by all three receivers but Nick Toon earns the top grade for running a very difficult route that beat man coverage and a safety in deep zone. Sanu and Jones each have their own accolades to them however. Sanu shows the ability to simply outrun defenders and shows tremendous game speed, similar to that of Kendall Wright. Dwight Jones also shows an ability to box out defenders when running routes and making catches. However all receivers show an understanding of finding gaps in zone coverage and gaining separation through crisply-ran routes.


Dwight Jones: He tends to block a little high and not get low enough. I wish I could find a video to demonstrate my point. However it is a very coachable problem, quite simply he needs to bend his knees and use his hips a little more.

Mohamed Sanu: Beautiful. Although he doesn't routinely make blocks like this, Sanu is a proficient blocker. He displays good pad level and you can actually see him set his feet to set up this block. He has very good technique and is solidly built.

Nick Toon: Refer to 4:51. Like Sanu, Toon shows the great blocking ability. This block is against a safety. Toon sets his feet and maintains excellent pad level to level a would-be tackler.

Verdict: Sanu and Toon show the best technique but Jones shows the ability to simply level defenders with his size. However Sanu and Toon do show similar technique and I will call it a tie between the two.


Dwight Jones: Bonus, TJ Yates appears in this video. Dwight Jones shows a good ability to locate the ball and if necessary come back to it. At :56 Jones locates the pass and makes a good play on the ball.

Mohamed Sanu: At :15, Watch Sanu quickly locate the ball and get vertical to make a play on the ball. He then makes a beautiful catch with just his hands. His hands secure the ball beautifully and Sanu shows a very good ability to trap the ball using his HANDS.

Nick Toon: Toon also shows good hands and focus. At 3:15 he knows he is about to be leveled by a safety but makes a very good catch and then proceeds to avoid the defenders. He also shows a very good ability to make a play with his hands and not trap it against his body. By catching with his hands he opens up the opportunity to make a play after the catch and that is exactly what he does. Also enjoy the spectacular catch at 4:22

Verdict: Sanu and Toon show a very good ability to make plays on the ball with their hands. However Dwight Jones understands his strengths and shows an ability to box out defenders ala Andre Johnson. All show tremendous focus as evidenced by their plays on a live ball.


Dwight Jones: Dwight Jones had an exemplary record until a few months ago. He violated NCAA rules by using his likeness to promote a for-profit business. It was merely a promotion of a New Years birthday bash by Jones but it does show a momentary lapse of judgement. Jones has some explaining to do at the combine.

Mohamed Sanu: Sanu Really impresses me. He is spoken of highly by his coach and fellow teammates. Read some of his coach's interviews and you'll see what I mean.

Nick Toon: Nothing bad to speak of. Toon remains quiet. No problems come up when looking up Toon.

Verdict: Sanu was such a leader on his team and as only a Junior. Jones' bad decision in my opinion was simply a bad decision and I believe he regrets it because of his apology and later reinstatement by the NCAA. Toon seems like a quiet guy but that is better than a T.O or Ochocinco.

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